Krush Fitness Opens Up New Location in Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, BC – Krush Fitness, a gym specializing in personal body transformation, has announced that they will be opening up another location in Vancouver and to begin serving the Vancouver market with their personal training programs. The company, whose online presence is at has been educating people on the real methods that work to burn fat and build muscles.

“People are sick of the lies,” said Preston Pilgrim, the company founder of Krush Fitness. “We are changing that. Our plan is to cut through the noise using effective educational methods and effective personal training strategies. If someone really wants to lose weight, build muscle, burn fat, then they need to call us for a personalized strategy session. If they stick with our programs, they will see results.”

The new location and directions to it can be found by going to to learn more. Krush Fitness plans on relying on a content marketing strategy that will use a combination of both traditional and digital marketing strategies to reach their ultimate target market. Thousands of companies are now turning to this strategy versus using mainstream media channels such as TV commercials to advertise their locations.

The company is currently leading their field by offering free strategy sessions. These sessions will inform the participant what needs to happen after first doing a goal discovery phase where the participant will list out what kind of changes they want to see happen to their bodies. From there, the participant can sign up with Krush Fitness to experience the full regimen of what the company offers.

This new office and location makes it the 4th location to be opening for Krush Fitness as they continue to dominate the market space with their innovative fitness programs and new age marketing strategies. The other areas the company is currently serving can be found by following this that has every office, location, directions and proper contact information.

Right now Krush Fitness offers 3 core services to their gym members. There is obviously the personal training route where the member will get personalized service from a trainer that has been educated in the Krush Fitness method for muscle building and weight loss. Then there is also a weight loss specific service for those looking to drop some pounds, shed some fat, or fit into some smaller dress sizes for the big party. One of their core services, which is a service many gyms are now employing because of their effectiveness, is a bootcamp style class where members will all work out together underneath the leadership of a single bootcamp instructor.

About Krush Fitness

Krush Fitness operates 4 locations throughout British Columbia, Canada. They specialize in body transformation through their 3 main core services: weight loss, bootcamp classes, and personal training. Each of their trainers come highly educated on the real methods of losing weight. In addition to this, Krush Fitness is aggressively growing using digital marketing strategies to cut through the noise and to attract new members to their gym.

For more information about Krush Fitness, please visit their about page here.

Media Contact
Company Name: Krush Fitness Personal Training
Contact Person: Preston
Phone: 604-259-1275
Address:375 Water St #200
City: Vancouver
State: BC
Country: Canada