Unconventional Entrepreneurs Offered Free Quick Start Program to Accelerate Progress towards Business and Location Independence

The Unconventional Entrepreneur Automatic Independence Quick Start Program Builds the Framework for Attracting Leads and Building an Independent Business in Only a Few Minutes

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA – 04 July, 2016 – Online webcast / webinar consultant and marketing automation expert Glen Kowalski (http://glenkowalski.com) is offering high-level Unconventional Entrepreneurs looking for freedom and location independence a leg up on their competition for free. The newUnconventional Entrepreneur Automatic Independence System Quick Start program walks entrepreneurs through the step-by-step process of growing a location independent business using online marketing strategies like webinars, sales funnels, marketing automation, video, and more.

Unconventional entrepreneurs are a different breed and see the world differently than most. 

According to Glen Kowalski, CEO of Palm Tree Marketing Group Ltd., “Most people today are satisfied to get up, work from 9 – 5, come home, watch a sitcom or reality show, take 2 weeks of vacation per year, and repeat until they turn 65 hoping to retire and start living their lives. Unconventional Entrepreneurs are non conformists’ committed to taking action and responsibility over their own lives, and never want to be reliant on government, a boss, or any one else to dictate how or where they live their lives or run their businesses.”

Many unconventional entrepreneurs have non-mainstream expertise such as alternative investments, gold, silver, international real estate, bitcoin or crypto currency, libertarianism, living, working or running business abroad, freedom, survival, and privacy. But many run more traditional businesses and are digital nomads, or want the ability to live anywhere in the world they want.

They work as coaches / consultants, radio or podcast hosts, real estate agents, tourism operators, precious metals dealers, info marketers, online educators, financial service providers, and more.

What binds them together, is a burning desire to live by their own rules, where and however they want.

The Unconventional Entrepreneur Automatic Independence System helps this group of adventurous pioneers build businesses that run on complete autopilot by giving them the ability to work on their businesses instead of in their businesses. The free quick start program builds a foundation for the rest of the system within a few minutes.

It includes a free webinar, the Unconventional Entrepreneur Attraction Process that teaches an exact step-by-step process for building a lead generation system that brings in qualified leads, day after day, on complete autopilot. Nothing is for sale during the program, but participants are invited to apply for more help if interested.

After downloading and viewing this quick program, unconventional entrepreneurs will discover:

• How to craft a perfect marketing message that resonates with their ideal clients.
• The 3 systems businesses need to grow to a level of complete independence.
• The step-by-step process to attract bus loads of hungry, qualified leads every single day.
• How automating the process makes the systems work on autopilot.
• And much more.

Glen says, “Marketing automation and webcast training for independence seeking entrepreneurs, especially service professionals or those in non mainstream fields, has been non existent. My mission is awakening people to the availability of personal, location, business, and financial independence and serving those who are drawn to the unconventional.”

For more information about the Unconventional Entrepreneur Automatic Independence System Quick Startclick here, visit http://www.glenkowalski.com/qs or email glen@glenkowalski.com

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