New Metal Roofing Company Enters the Greater Fort Wayne Market Using a Content Marketing Strategy

Fort Wayne, IN – Fort Wayne Metal Roofing, a new roofing company to the Greater Fort Wayne area, has announced it will be aggressively growing its company and marketshare in the area using innovative digital strategies and a content marketing campaign that will be launching alongside of their website. The company hopes to educate consumers on metal roofing, the dangers, the pros and highlight the reasons why professionals should be handling the job when it comes to this speciality roofing material.

“People need roofs. Good roofs,” said Joe Brown, the company owner and founder of Fort Wayne Metal Roofing and one of the people that pushed to launch their new website “A lot of people don’t think about roofs. We are beneath them every day. They protect us from the elements. Without them, our houses would be far less effective as shelters. Despite how important is, people often think they can just do it themselves or that they can hire some fly by night service to install one real quick. So what we are trying to do is to educate the public on why they professionals for their roofing services. We hope by the end of the campaign that people in Fort Wayne realize just how risky it really is to gamble with their roofing contractors that are not following good safety standards, installation procedures, or ones that may not even understand basic repair protocols.”

The metal roofing company will be participating in the Greater Fort Wayne, INC association as well. This will be part of their educational outreach to other professionals in the area, as well as a way to create alliances that will help get their content in front of other consumers in the area that are looking for their services. The company is also an active member of the National Roofing Contractors Association.

Fort Wayne Metal Roofing is taking a play from the digital marketer’s playbook by using content. Companies from small mom and pop shops all the way up to huge Fortune 100 companies have begun to utilize and realize the massive ROI potential that is content marketing. The roofing company hopes to expand on proven marketing strategies where they can use blogs, press releases, articles, and other pieces of media such as video channels to educate their audience. Through this education they will be able to create a larger brand that will stick to their target audience so when that audience needs roofing services, their first thought will be Fort Wayne Metal Roofing rather than competitors who are running bland tv commercials or radio ads that are easily forgotten or tuned out as they are playing.

About Fort Wayne Metal Roofing

Fort Wayne Metal Roofing is a metal roofing specialist operating in the Greater Fort Wayne marketplace. While they are new to market, they are old hands with the experience they bring to the table.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Fort Wayne Metal Roofing
Contact Person: Joe Brown
Phone: (260) 488-8141
Address:1660 Rosemont DR.
City: Fort Wayne
State: IN
Country: United States