Man with Asperger’s Syndrome creates his own business through a fun board game

Tony Tinervia from the United States has created a board game based on various capitals of the United States that are fun and educational. He is also raising funds for the board game through Indiegogo and started the campaign with a goal of $20,000. He suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome or Autism and also aims to donate a part of the funding to Autism speaks through one of the perks.

His condition did not stop him from building a business and supporting his 89-year-old mother. With his hard work and dedication, he went on to create a board game that will help the users remember the 50 capitals of the United States in a fun and easy way. The board game titled ‘Keys to the Capitals’ will help the children learn about the various capital cities of the United States.

Tony has built his company, The Capital Keys LLC which is committed to developing entertaining and educational board games which help the children learn and grow. His company is now working towards developing more educational games that are fun and exciting and at the same time help the children in learning new things.

The idea to create a fun way of learning is somewhat inspired by his own condition and now he aims to help anyone who struggles with learning and remembering to retain the information more conveniently.  He has been working to develop the game ‘Keys to the Capitals’ since 1991 before finally making it a business start-up.

Along with Keys to the Capitals, his company will also be releasing a whole range of some other educational geography games for fun and easy gameplay.  The company commits to quality products at affordable prices with great customer service.  The game is based on the idea to provide easy learning method for anyone aged seven and above.

The game can be played between two and six people where the goal is to travel around the board (country) collecting the key cards and at the end of the game, the player having the most key cards is the winner. The game is best suited to be played among friends, family, play schools and anyone seeking knowledge about the 50 states in an entertaining way. At present, the Games will be available for 3-6 weeks with pre-order specials 50% off the $34.99 MSRP.

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