Tango in the Park: Ultimate Tango’s Masters Provide a Free Argentine Tango Event In Boston

July 2016 – Boston, MA – Ultimate Tango, Leading Argentine Tango Dance Studio, in conjunction with Rose Kennedy Greenway organizes a free weekly Milonga en plein air every Saturday in summer, 6-9pm at High Steet/Rowes Wharf Plaza.

The event is free and open to the public and includes:

6:45 – 7:00pm: Argentine Tango performance by Boston Tango Masters
7:00 – 8:00pm: Introductory Tango lesson by Boston Tango Masters
6:00 – 9:00pm: Milonga en plein air.

What is Milonga?

Milonga is a term for a place or an event where tango is danced. People who frequently go to milongas are sometimes called milongueros. The term “milonga” can also refer to a musical genre or a style of dance related to tango. The music played is mainly tango, vals and milonga (as the musical genre).

Milonga ‘Tango in the Park’ is meant to bring Argentine Tango closer to Bostonian. It is a chance to see and experience the atmosphere of Milonga, take a lesson, meet local dancers and see Tango performance. To revel in the romance of Argentine Tango music and dancing.

Tango in the Park will start on Saturday, July 9th, 6 – 9pm featuring preforming life Hernan Brizuela and Anita Flejter, and continue on every Saturday of July and August at High Steet/Rowes Wharf Plaza across the street from Boston Harbor Hotel. Admission is free.

Hernan and Anita, tango instructors from Ultimate Tango, will also teach free tango lesson at 7pm.

Besides making Tango more touchable and accessible to the public, Tango in the Park is also meant to unite Boston Tango community usually attached to specific studios.

“Tango is not just a dance. It’s philosophy, a way of comprehending the world, building relationships, understanding yourself.” – reads Ultimate Tango website. “We invited all Boston tango instructors to participate either by simply attending or by teaching, performing or DJ-ing.”
– says Anita Flejter from Ultimate Tango

“We’ve already heard back from several of them and we already know that AnaLinda from Tango Embrace (http://www.tangoembrace.com, Silvana Brizuela-Weigel from Boston Tango Society, Pamela and Steve Slavsky from Tango Dogs (http://www.tangodogs.com) and Adriana Pinto, organizer of La Pichuca (https://www.facebook.com/groups/450357820643) will be joining us to teach and perform.”

Tango music is full of surprises and can be interpreted through dance in many ways: through melody, lyrics or rhythm. It’s challenging to dancers as the orchestra may change the pace of the music to articulate and express what matters to them in their specific arrangement. As a social dance the uniqueness of Tango lies in in improvisation. The Follower embraced by a Leader for a dance is taken for a journey full of mystery and surprises. Just like in life.

“You had me at “Tango in the Park”.  What a brilliant concept!  The opportunity to dance tango outdoors, in the summertime, in a newly revitalized section of our city means that I’ll be attending each and every Saturday evening.  Thanks, Hernan and Anita, for bringing this unique offering to Boston’s emerging cultural and social scene.” – comments Elizabeth Onishuk.

“I’m sure all best dancers will be there since Hernan is organizing it and all his Leaders are simply amazing. You can recognize them just by the embrace and by the lead. So clear.” – says Natalia Outkina excitedly.

“It’s a great idea. Much needed. This is a good thing about Hernan and Anita. They always come up with something and follow through with enough determination to see it flourish.” – comments Berk Usta.

“I love the idea of dancing in the park, feeling the breeze, smelling the warm summer air and immersing myself in Tango. I’ll be there every Saturday.” – dreamily states Olga Stepanets.

About Ultimate Tango

Ultimate Tango is a dance school focused solely on teaching and promoting Argentine Tango. Our mission is to teach tango trough understanding fundamentals, principles and technique, rather then mindless repetition of steps and combination.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/Mj376_5wA5Y

About Hernan Brizuela and Anita Flejter
(Founders of Ultimate Tango and organizers of Tango in the Park):

HERNAN BRIZUELA is a Tango dancer and Tango teacher from Mendoza, Argentina, known for his unique style. Hernan has taught and performed at various festivals, milongas and studios in New York and Massachusetts and most recently in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and Argentina. He was a principal dancer in the off-Broadway dance play Let’s Speak Tango and choreographed and starred in the short film Gardenias. He performed in the past four productions led by Maestro Romulo Larrea, Tango First Century, Spotlight on Tango, TANGOS: from Gardel to Piazzolla and TANGO for lovers across the United-States, Canada and Europe.

ANITA FLEJTER, originally fascinated by International Style Competitive Ballroom, abandoned it for Argentine Tango, her true love. She partners Hernan in Tango and in life. She is co-owner and co-founder of Ultimate Tango (Boston) and Adelante Studios (NYC).

Media Contact
Company Name: Ultimate Tango
Contact Person: Anita Flejter
Email: ultimatetango@gmail.com
Phone: 347-228-7856
Country: United States
Website: http://www.bostontangointhepark.com