Smart Meters are Key to Reducing Energy Bills

Smart Meters, what are they all about and how will they help me? How can I get my hands on these Smart Meters? Who Installs them? Do they cost me?

These questions are on the tip of consumers tongues across the UK, so we have drafted in Access Install Sales Manager Richard Brown to answer some of the questions that need answering in order for consumers to make informed decisions about their smart meter installations:

1. What are Smart Meters?

Smart Meters are essentially your normal gas and electric dumb meters, they read the consumption of energy used by an occupant at their property. The key difference between your current ‘dumb’ meter is that this requires a manual reading of your meter point. Meaning that the bills you currently pay are classed as estimated bills, and do exactly as they say on the tin, utilities base your energy consumption on your estimated trend of usage. This could change month to month and does not give an accurate reading of your live energy consumption, meaning that on average you could be charged 33% more per year on your energy bills. Smart Meters are the complete opposite to the antiquated dumb meters, they read your energy usage in live time, inform you how much you are spending and highlight key items in the property that are using the majority of the energy. There is no estimated with smart meters and they communicate your energy usage in live time to the energy companies, so your energy bills are accurate.

2. Will I benefit from having a Smart Meter?

The simple answer is yes, smart meters will allow you to say goodbye to estimated energy bills, meaning that you get an accurate energy bill each time.

3. How do I get my Smart Meter?

Many of the utility companies in the UK are currently rolling out their smart meter programme, this means that your utility will be in touch to organise and schedule your smart meter install, at a time and date that is most convenient for you. If your utility company has not contacted you and you wish to request your smart meter, then simply contact your current energy provider, and request that you schedule a smart meter installation.

4. Will everyone have a Smart Meter?

Pretty much yes, utilities are mandated to organise and install 53 million smart meters before 2020. Even though there are talks that this could be extended to 2023, this is mostly considered a very poor move, as will cost an estimated £6 Billion more to roll out the smart meter programme, something which is not acceptable to energy bill payers.

5. How much will my Smart Meter Install cost me?

Nothing, smart meters are free to homeowners, the cost is simply placed on your energy bills over the period you are with your current energy supplier. DO NOT pay any money to anyone installing your smart meter, and any energy companies that are charging upfront should not be doing so, this is a programme that is designed to save consumers money not cost them upfront.

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