Best and only CESSNA SIMULATOR?! Fantastic Cessna flight simulator sold worldwide

July 2016 – The most functional GARMIN G1000 TRAINER – G1K PLUS and GARMIN G1000 SIMULATOR — G1K released for worldwide. It’s developed by (a WINWING brand). Original realistic look like, 1024×768 Resolution, full backlight panel/button is the features of their products. They write “best and only” under their logo, and truth be told, I think yes, we can’t find any other simulator company can make those features together.

GARMIN G1000 is the most popular avionics used worldwide, Cessna aircraft (Cessna 172, cessna172, Cessna208, Cessna CJ1), Cirrus aircraft (SR20, SR22) and Diamond aircraft (DA40, DA42) are using it! G1K PLUS can used for those aircraft procedure training or used to build flight simulator. Until the end of 2015, G1K (GARMIN G1000 SIMULATOR) and G1K PLUS (GARMIN G1000 TRAINER) has been sold to USA, UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Czekh, UAE, Russia, India, Australia, Thailand and etc.

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Now days, Generalsimulator bring us the fantastic Cessna flight simulator, and had already sold 6 units worldwide when they are still on the drawing.

About is a sub organization of WINWING tech, they are focus on flight simulator used for civil aviation pilots training. develop team include flight model, software, embedded electronic, structure, precision work. In the past half and 1 years, the main business of generalsimulator is ODM for simulator company all over the world,

Generalsimulator now is looking for best dealers worldwide, both company and personal, if you are good enough for selling flight simulator FTOs(Flight Training Orginizations), generalsimulator will be very pleasure to cooperate with you. Generalsimulator produce in China what mean the simulator could be best quality, function and cheapest of all. Generalsimulator will make the final user like FTO enhance a lot of training capability by very low cost, and dealers could make lot of money.

If you are interested, please mail to:

This CESSNA 172 FLIGHT SIMULATOR keep the most original realistic look like, you can almost not find the different of the real one.

The qualification performance is satisfy FAA AATD and EASA FNPT, which mean the control force, distance is almost the same as real one. Generalsimualtor could also supply dynamic control loading system as well.

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Click here to learn more about the FLIGHT SIMULATOR FACTORY. Cessna flight simulator GARMIN G1000 simulator features:

Embedded computer system with NVIDIA graphic.


10.4″ TFT @ 1024×768 resolution.

Backlight for both panel and button.

Functional triangle LED indicator on GMA1347 AUDIO PANEL.

8 different kind of knobs.

4 different kind of GDU (1040, 1043, 1044B, 1045).

2 different kind of GMA audio panel.

Dual SD reader. Cessna flight simulator switch panel features:

Adjustable orange color backlights.

All electronic logic according to CESSNA 172 WIRING DIAGRAM MANUAL.

STBY BATT: Switch (ON-OFF-ON self reset), indicator functional.

MASTER: ALT, BAT switch (ON-OFF) functional.

AVIONICS: BUS1, BUS2 switch (ON-OFF) functional.

DIMMING: SW/CB PANEL, STBY IND, PEDESTAL, AVIONICS rotary functional (0-270deg).

LIGHTS: BEACON, LAND, TAXI, NAV, STROB, FUEL PUMP, PITOT HEAT, CABIN PWR 12V switch (ON-OFF) functional. Cessna flight simulator circuit breaker panel features:

Adjustable orange color backlights.

All electronic logic according to CESSNA 172 WIRING DIAGRAM MANUAL.

MAGNET IGNITION: 5 positions key switch (30deg/position, Auto-return in START position).


 1. Pull-in for normal

 2. Magnet break for power malfunction

 3. Man-break for cut off power supply Cessna flight simulator throttle panel features:

Adjustable orange color backlights.

ALT STATIC AIR: PUSH/PULL, 7mm distance, pull-on functional.

GA: Pull-on button.

THROTTLE: Max distance=90mm, Move force=0~2pound adjust by turn wheel.

MIXTURE: Max distance=80mm, Max move force=1.5pound (adjustable by change filler), move/rotary=3mm/circle.

WING FLAP CONTROL: Spring steel made handle, 4 positions with 3 steps.

WING FLAP INDICATOR: Servo motor with complete metal gears, up/down limit by elec.

CABIN HT & CABIN AIR: PUSH/PULL, 7mm distance/ pull-on functional. Cessna flight simulator ELT PANEL + HOBBS METER features:


ELT SWITCH: Switch(ON-OFF) functional.

ELT  INDICATOR: Red LED functional.

HOBBS METER: Count while RPM>=2000. Cessna flight simulator Yoke system features:

Real aircraft Dual-linked Yoke system principle of machinery.

Real aircraft control distance and start force.

Dual trim button. Cessna flight simulator Rudder system features:

Real aircraft Dual-linked Rudder system principle of machinery.

Real aircraft control distance and start force.

Dual-linked braker system.

Machine connection between Rudder braker and parking braker. Cessna flight simulator Trim system features:

Dynamic Trim system, motorized running.

Yoke Dual button control running.

Hand touch stop logic.

Motorized trim indicator.

90Deg fuel selector.

12V cabin power.

Pedestal lights. Cessna flight simulator COCKPIT features:

Metal simulator bed with Omni-directional wheel and foot cup

Two adjust distance chair.

Real look like fiberglass cockpit. Cessna flight simulator IOS features:

Freeze, pause.

Location setting.

Aircraft setting.

Weather setting.

Data/time setting.

Malfunctions setting. Cessna flight simulator Visual features:

Lockheed Martin Prepar 3D simulator software.

180Degree columnar screen.

1080P high resolution projectors.

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