Australian writer claims to have discovered the original lost Hebrew Gospel of Jesus

No other person who walked Earth has been quite as influential as Jesus. God and saviour to two billion Christians and revered as a prophet by one and a half billion Muslims. Despite his immense influence, not many historical records of his life exist aside from the New Testament.

Now, a noted writer, Mr Michael Cohen of Sydney, Australia – who previously made headlines with  a series sensational paranormal stories, is claiming to have uncovered the original and oldest Hebrew text recounting the life of Jesus. Numerous biblical scholars have long postulated that a book they refer to as the “Q Gospel” exists or existed. Cohen is certain this book is the original Hebrew Gospel and the basis for the Gospels of The New Testament. Mr Cohen also claims he has solved the mystery of how this book remained so hidden for so many centuries.

“The revelations and secrets that this book holds are bound to change the face of Christianity forever. I am fairly convinced I have made one of the most important religious discoveries of this century.”

Mr Cohen claims the book was hidden by both the Vatican and Jewish mystics for generations. “Many Jewish books were censored by both the Church and the State, however Jews would copy these manuscripts and keep them hidden.” According to Mr Cohen Jesus was revered by many Jews as a prophet until as late as The Crusades. This book was once read by them in the Synagogue.

“This discovery might finally mend all rifts between Christianity and it’s parent faith, Judaism.”

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