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Characters from the novel – The Order Reborn – Farista
New epic fantasy author needs backers to finance self-publication

Self-publishing author DanaMarie Decioccio will unveil her new fantasy epic, Order of the Four Circles: The Order Reborn, set to be published by the end of this year if sufficient funds can be raised.

According to Decioccio, this will be book will be the gateway to sequels in her world of Farista, which is populated by magical fairies, evil destructive gods, humans and a variety of other creatures that die-hard fantasy buffs expect and enjoy.

“I am raising money to self-publish my very first novel entitled The Order of the Four Circles: The Order Reborn to help open the door to become the author I was truly meant to be,” Decioccio announced in a video, advertising her book and requesting backers to send money in support of it.

The 34-year-old New York resident began the groundwork for her new fantasy world in 2008 while undergoing treatment for Lupus, which kept her bed-ridden for almost a year. With plenty of free-time on her hands, she used her writing to while away the hours.

“I created an entire world from scratch from the plants to the animals, the oceans to the land masses, the races to the gods and everything in between to truly make it unique and a brand new adventure for all to enjoy,” Decioccio stated. Farista is a magickal world with endless possibilities for adventure.

Her disease is now in remission, and Decioccio plans to continue writing about her magical world.

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The protagonist in Farista is an adolescent “moon fairy” named Nissa Solstar, who is the central in a 400-year-old prophecy to save her world from the Death Gods. Moon fairies are magical race of warriors, similar to the Tolkienesque elves.

“My world is filled with magic and wonder, and beauty that will blow you away,” Decioccio stated. “There is a character for everyone to connect with and enjoy who will bring together the entire story which will always keep you guessing.”

Decioccio is looking for help on Kickstarter:

If her first novel is successful, she said that her goal is to publish one book per year.

“Writing is all I want to do and all I want to continue to do, and I want my book to be the one that people just can’t put down and then become obsessed as they need to know what happens next,” Decioccio about her future plans as a writer. “Once my first novel is published I will work non-stop to make sure that our journey will continue but it can only happen with your help.”

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