Exclusive Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Clinics Open in Melbourne & Sydney

Leading hypnotherapy team Mindframe Hypnotherapy (headed by Gareth Graham) has recently launched 2 exclusive Quit Smoking clinics in Melbourne and Sydney with the assurance of a high success rate and 10 years unlimited relapse warranty.

Sydney, Australia – July 5th 2016 – Quitting smoking is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions, but for many the desire to quit fades away quickly. Smoking can be one of the most difficult habits to break. But there is good news: Mindframe Hypnotherapy has recently launched 2 exclusive Quit Smoking hypnotherapy clinics in Melbourne (Quit Smoking Specialists) and Sydney (Quit Smoking Experts). The service gives smokers every chance of quitting and is backed by a 10 year relapse warranty.

Mindframe Hypnotherapy is led by Master Hypnotist Gareth Graham and the team has a combined experience of more than 3 decades in helping smokers to quit.

“We are excited to announce the launch of our two hypnotherapy clinics in Sydney and Melbourne. We have developed a specific style of hypnosis for smokers looking to quit. The current mainstream practice of shaming smokers, guilting them, and burdening them with high tobacco prices results in low success rates. The most successful way to help smokers quit is to disconnect them from the core reasons to smoke. Our unique hypnotherapy sessions are focused on unlocking the power within the mind to quit,” stated Gareth.

The Quit Smoking sessions cater to smokers of all ages, regardless of how many years they have smoked.

The exclusive, 100% natural and safe Quit Smoking treatment offered by the clinics include 1-on-1 confidential sessions lasting for 1.5 hours, free support via Skype, phone or email, 24-hour follow-up sessions to track success and three bonus audio downloads. Plus, something that mainstream methods don’t offer: a warranty.

“What separates us from other hypnotherapy providers is that we are experts in the field of smoking. We follow a specialized approach which underpins our high success rate. We know that we have a high success rate because we follow up by contacting our clients post session. Our comprehensive approach make you feel good and quit at the same time. We’re aware of the usual triggers and drivers that keep you from quitting permanently and we help reprogram your mind to successfully eliminate them,” Gareth explained.

In other words, a non-smoker is deeply repelled by cigarettes not just because of the smell but because of the consequences of the habit. A smoker, on the other hand, does not always associate smoking with any personal danger and uses it for pleasure or relief. It is changing this mindset that makes all the difference here.

“Our hypnotherapy sessions will help you to easily switch mindsets, so that you too can see the dangers of smoking and become a committed non-smoker of your own will.”

To consult Gareth and his team at the Melbourne clinic, go to http://www.quitsmokingspecialists.com.au or http://www.quitsmokingexperts.com.au when you want to visit the Sydney located clinic.

Melbourne Clinic Contact Address

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Specialists

L50, 120 Collins Street Melbourne Vic 3000

Melbourne PH: 03 9111 2601

Sydney Clinic Contact Address:

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Experts

Sydney Suite 1D, Level 23 Governor Phillip Tower 1 Farrer Place Sydney NSW 2000

Sydney PH: (02) 80 156 154

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Phone: 03 9111 2601
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