Hot stuff Universal Voice pops up in Shanghai

As the CEO of New York consulting firm Agetha Vision International, Agetha Lee was busy networking with several business tycoons as she was planning to bring her Universal Voice to China.

Universal Voice, a global set of business and politics conferences, was recently brought to China by Agetha Lee, the CEO of the New York, USA based consulting firm Agetha Vision International. Agetha Lee, whose brainchild is the speech show, recently announced the launch of Universal Voice, a speech show which she describes as ‘magical’.

“Universal Voice is a magical speech show. It blends business and politics speech show with Hollywood movie and Broadway stage layout. It aims to focus on the world figure transmission and conveys the very best of the political patterns. Through the platform of Universal Voice, we aim to bring together the top politicians and business tycoons from across the world,” Agetha told the press while elaborating her business ambitions.

Since 2014, Agetha has made numerous trips to different parts of the world, from Singapore, European countries to America, in search of inspiration for Universal Voice, her dream project. During a seminar of IRS in Washington, she found that American government laid much more emphasis on the public inclination to some political issues.

“It provoked me to start up the world speech event Universal Voice, which is a highly efficient way to bring top politicians into the active discourse around contemporary political issues,” she added.

The first audition of Universal Voice is going to be held in Shanghai, according to the Chief Director of Agetha International.

“Shanghai is a true cosmopolitan city, but we can rarely see speech shows chaired by top internal political figures here in China. In this knowledge era, we must pay more attention to the knowledge based products. For example, Microsoft is highly productive than five auto companies in USA, for it is the symbol of the entire Knowledge Era,” said Agetha Lee while explaining why the speech show is being brought to China for the first time.

“Universal Voice should be more freestyle in the coming days. It can be customized according to the preference of the audiences. We anticipate a decent future for the Universal Voice and look forward to a day when we can see a debate between Financial Times and New York Times in a figurative sense,” Agetha Lee signed off for the day.

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