Beveragestown Site Provides Readers with in-depth Espresso Machine Buying Guides and Informative Articles on their Favorite Beverages provides in-depth buying guides for Espresso Coffee machines including detailed reviews of specific models of leading brands such as DeLonghi, Nespresso, and Breville. The site also contains useful background information on Espresso and Cappuccino, their history and how they are produced.

Beverages Town contains two main buying guides: a review of the best Espresso machines priced under $200 and a review of the best Espresso Machines priced under $500. The in-depth buying guide for products under $200 begins with detailed and useful background information on what is Espresso, its history and how it’s made. The guide also includes an explanation of the different drive mechanisms such as steam, piston, and pump driven Espresso machines. The review then goes to list the pick of the best Espresso machines under $200 including the Nespresso Pixie and the DeLonghi EC155. Each product review has a photo and concise list of features, and pros and cons making it easier for the reader to scan the review.

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The in-depth buying guide for Espresso Machines under $500 starts with a description of the overall advantages of owning a machine in the home followed by a detailed review of 5 products such as the Breville BES840XL and the DeLonghi EN520BK Lattissima. Like the $200 range buying the guide, each review contains a photo of the product followed by a clear list of features, pros, and cons of guiding readers. But, what makes this review even more useful is the buying checklist at the end a list of things for the reader to think about before making a purchase. The list includes important factors such as how many people will use the machine, how often will it be used, and the cost of the machine.

In addition, both buying guides have links to the Espresso Machines in Amazon where readers can check reviews and prices.

Beveragestown was started by Lisa and much of the content is based on her and her team’s experience in using different products and researched articles to help readers learn more about their favourite beverages. The site also contains useful how-to articles such as “How to Make Coffee on a Stove” and “When to Drink Coffee”. 

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