Australian Health Company Offers MTHFR Gene Test Kit To Diagnose MTHFR Genetic Mutation

July 5, 2016 – MTHFR Gene Health, a health company specializing in identifying and treating genetic health conditions and issues, proudly announces the availability of its MTHFR gene test kit.  Over 65% of the population is born with an MTHFR gene mutation and the vast majority is unaware of the health risks and diseases associated with the mutation, let alone how to treat it.

Anyone who experiences any of the symptoms of MTHFR, who are receiving limited results from medical doctors, have recurring health problems they cannot find solutions for, or who are concerned about illness and disease that runs in the family might find the answers they are looking for by starting with a MTHFR gene analysis. 

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Testing for MTHFR gene mutation is simple, quick and can be done at home.  MTHFR Gene Health offers an easy-to-use home blood test kit or saliva test kit that anyone can administer and is safe for adults and children.  With complete instructions and tools, the sample takes only seconds to obtain and then is sent off to the lab for analysis.  The results of the test and recommendations are available typically within ten working days. 

People with MTHFR gene mutations often have problems with methylation, which is the process of maintaining the body’s balance of hormones, neurotransmitters and biochemicals essential to good health.  An imbalance of the MTHFR enzyme, which is the key to the methylation process, needs to be corrected to restore proper health. 

One of the most significant problems with MTHFR gene mutation is the reduced ability to convert folate with the MTHFR enzyme that is needed throughout the body.  People suffering from this lack of enzyme production, need to ensure their methylation cycle is re-balanced and properly maintained to prevent symptoms and diseases that result from these imbalances.

MTHFR Gene Health is a health company specializing in genetic health conditions including MTHFR gene mutations.  The company offers gene testing, diagnosis of genetic disorders and treatments for MTHFR and other genetic mutations.

Methylation and MTHFR gene mutation is a complex topic. 

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