Study reveals that men notice women\’s personality the most while dating

At the beginning of a long-term relationship, what do men first notice about the women they are about to date? It’s not their body, hair, smile, or eyes.   It’s the woman’s personality.

The personality trait men notice most often is “outgoing” followed by a “sense of humor.” “Friendly,” “kind” and “smart” are also frequently mentioned traits.  In terms of physical traits, men first notice the woman’s smile and eyes, followed by her body, hair, and voice.

In the same first meeting of a future long-term love interest, women also initially notice personality ahead of physical traits.   At the top of the list of traits is a “sense of humor” followed by “kind,” “outgoing,” “quiet,” and “friendly.” The top physical traits women notice in men are eyes, smile, height, body, and voice.

These results are based on a nationally representative survey conducted early this year with 377 respondents.   Almost half the respondents were men.

The study focused on where and when couples first meet.   The results are available in a recently published book, Right Place, Right Time – Stories and Stats of Where, When, and How People First Meet and Find Love.

The book was created by researcher Kyle Havill and creative writer Ali Burden.  Besides the top locations, times, and days of the week that people first meet, the book also reveals expectations at the time of the first meeting, involvement with others, and length of time before the couple begins dating.

In addition to featuring detailed survey results, the book also includes 49 inspiring and romantic real-life short stories of how people first meet.  The authors take the reader back in time to the moment that eventually turned into a long term relationship, and the experiences along the way.   The stories cover the twelve top places that people meet and use creative dialogue, emotions, and actions to illustrate various situations that lead to often, but not always, happy endings.

Right Place, Right Time – Stories and Stats of Where, When, and How People First Meet and Find Love is available in on Amazon in ebook or paperback format.

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