C’AMOUR Revolutionizes the Skin Care Industry with New Line of Moisturizers, Face Masks and Beautifiers

Men and women spend billions of dollars each year on skin care products in an attempt to stop the aging process. The vast majority of these products are a waste of money, and many even worsen the state of your skin. However, a groundbreaking new line of moisturizers, face masks and beautifying lotions from newcomer C’AMOUR has shaken the beauty products industry. These new products include Hybrid Beauty Radiance Pump, non-greasy, high-performance serum which fights acne, smooths skin tone, firms skin and brightens complexion; Forever Vivacious, skin tightening soft cream; Natural Extract Sleeping Mask, an overnight hydration and skin brightening treatment.

C’AMOUR has developed these proven products by distilling the most effective solutions from cultures which have prized beautiful skin for centuries. After extensive research and investigations into acclaimed skin therapies handed down for generations, C’AMOUR has produced these products that promise to restore radiance, fight imperfections and nourish skin so that its natural brilliance shines through.

Unlike many other beauty product companies, C’AMOUR is committed to improving the world. C’AMOUR recognizes that there is an enormous amount of beauty in the world, even if it is hidden behind imperfections. This new organization is dedicated to identifying beauty that isn’t conventionally perfect and supporting people who share their love for non-traditional beauty. C’AMOUR wants to help its customers and others receive love not only for their attractiveness but also for their unique flaws.

Part of this love is granting customers the freedom to customize their own skin care products. You can now choose fragrance and texture that best suits your skin type and tastes. C’AMOUR also provides a social media platform for users to share their personal experiences and obtain help from other users. C’AMOUR cares deeply and that raises it from merely a business to an actual friend.

While these and other C’AMOUR products will soon be available to the general public, you can obtain the moisturizer, sleeping mask or beautifying serum before the general public and at a steep discount through C’AMOUR’s exclusive Indiegogo campaign. All of these amazing skin care products will be delivered by September of 2016.

To learn more about C’AMOUR and their products or to reserve your own, please visit https://goo.gl/xuVmWs

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