Leading China Mold Maker, Powstar Group Stands Out In The Global Market

In recent years, China mold and die market is undergoing dramatic developments, steaming ahead by an average of more than 15% per annum, with the total output value of about 1.8 trillion USD, China leads the world in the production of mold and die. Thereinto, injection mold accounts for 30% of the whole mold industry, which is fastest growing. Along with the quick development of Smart-Healthcare, Intelligent Wearable, Automobile, Household Appliance and Telecommunications, injection mold in the future mold market, is expected to cover an rising proportion of the total, and the annual growth rate will maintain at around 20% in the coming years.

Plastic injection mold and metal stamping die industry experts indicated that, though China mold and die industry has made remarkable progress, its impending problems are becoming increasingly acute while developing. China injection mold industry has been engaged in the pursuit of expansion, to the neglect of the market survey and understanding customer needs, which thus, put the high-end mold into shortboard of China’s mold industry. Take the automobile industry for instance, manufacturing a normal car requires about 200 pieces of interior molds, while manufacturing large or medium-sized plastic molds for bumpers, dashboards, oil tanks and steering wheels, in terms of the mold industry production capacity, is meeting market needs of only about 50% for the moment.

On the contrary, as the LEADING CHINA MOLDMAKER, POWSTAR GROUP possesses the highest domestic precision mold manufacturing standards. Utilizing the superiorities of scale production and automation, the GROUP is developing new products unceasingly to meet customer’s special desires by technical innovation, so as to further advance its leading position. In the fourth quarter of 2012, POWSTAR’s supersize standard mold plant starts operation, specializing in manufacturing molds and dies for the automobile industry parts such as dashboards, bumpers and door panels, which has laid firm foundations for POWSTAR’s future continuous and healthy growth in large-size mold & die sales. Today, the POWSTAR GROUP has won orders from most 1st grade European car manufacturers, and the most representative customers of them are Faurecia, TRW, Benz, BMW, Volvo and so on. As a new business for the POWSTAR GROUP, the supersize standard mold enables the company to get orders from so many well-know customers, which has fully demonstrated the comprehensive strength of POWSTAR GROUP as the LEADING CHINA MOLDMAKER.

As the LEADING CHINA MOLDMAKER, POWSTAR GROUP covering a wide range of business including supersize standard mold, performance mold and standard mold, successfully gets rid of the label for China mold industry with low precision, long period and inefficiency, and represents a new “big and strong” on the other hand.

The “big” can be mainly shown in:

1) Excellent sales — the top 20 injection moldmaker & the top 10 metal stamping diemaker in 2015, China.
2) Rich products with strong capacity — products widely applied to the market of Smart-Healthcare, Intelligent Wearable, Automobile, Household Appliance, Telecommunications, Video-game Console, etc.

And the “strong” mainly be observed from following:

1) Star-studded customers — mobile phone market share of global first Apple; intelligent wearable leader GoPro, Fitbit and Jabra; and the best in medical appliance industry Philips, Coloplast, Mindray, etc.

2) Domestic leading technology — with the possession of 8 patents for plastic mold manufacturing, the highest precision MT1 mold can be built on the National Standards.

3) Advanced equipments — equipped with $10 million highly automated and intelligent production lines based on Industry 4.0 standard, the significant operating rate of the equipments is made as high as 90%.

LEADING CHINA MOLDMAKER — POWSTAR GROUP, is a world’s leading one-stop injection & stamping solutions provider. Under a multitude of welcome environments like global promotion Industry 4.0 and “Internet plus”, POWSTAR GROUP aims to be China’s first international mold enterprise.

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