Kipsen CEO Launches New Public Speaking Group in Los Angeles, SpeakUp

THOUSAND OAKS, CA – 05 July, 2016 – Kipsen’s CEO, Manny Hernandez, announced that the company will be launching SpeakUp in the coming month using the Meetup app.  SpeakUp is Kipsen’s community initiative designed to help people of all ages become more confident speakers.

The group will offer a positive environment where people will be able to exercise their speaking skills, while offering a wide range of leadership building skills.  Members will learn engagement techniques that will help them develop strong communication skills.

“Great communicators are short in supply,” said Manny Hernandez, in a phone interview on Monday. “We want to give people the opportunity to exceed their own expectations, build confidence and succeed in all that they do.”

Beyond public speaking goals, Mr. Hernandez, adds that the group will help its members become better listeners and improve fact-finding skills.  He contends that the ability to listen is a part of communication.  As a master communicator, Mr. Hernandez has delivered multiple keynotes and lectures, speaking on technology topics.

The initial investment came from Mr. Hernandez and the Kipsen Company.  The group appears to be self-governed and run by volunteers.  The company is looking for volunteers to participate in coordinating and managing the SpeakUp organization.  Additionally, Kipsen will be sending out postings for volunteers roles to help develop programs and organize events. Although Kipsen is a for-profit company, SpeakUp will be run by volunteers and no revenue is intended to come from SpeakUp.

Mr. Hernandez says that he wants to keep SpeakUp events localized, accessible, and affordable [or free] for everyone.  

The group has put up a Meetup page, but has not indicated its first meeting.  The company says that a meeting will be scheduled in early August.

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