Polished Gentleman Releases New Beard Growth Conditioner

CLEARWATER, FL – 05 July, 2016 – Polished Gentleman has released a new conditioner specifically to promote beard growth, fullness, and health.

Beards are on trend again; that’s a fact proven by the now common sight of beards of all shapes and sizes in day to day life. Young men, middle-aged men, and old men—age doesn’t matter (provided they’ve fully completed the process of puberty). But for some, beards aren’t easy to manage. Whether it’s unruliness, patchiness, or virtual hairlessness, beards can be difficult to handle.

That’s why Polished Gentleman created this Beard Growth Conditioner, an accompaniment to its new Beard Growth Shampoo. This product uses a variety of organic and natural ingredients to keep beards hydrated, soft, full, thick, and nourished. Whether the beard is already there or it’s simply desired, this conditioner covers all bases.

It does so through a powerful combination of ingredients straight from nature. To stimulate hair growth rosemary, eucalyptus, tea tree, and peppermint are used. Hydration and nourishment are delivered through raw organic manuka honey, aloe vera, cehami, argan oil, biotin, vitamin B5, tapioca starch, oat amino protein, and more.

Plus, there are no chemicals, irritants, or fillers to lower the quality or effectiveness of those ingredients. Polished Gentleman’s products are all made without sulfates, parabens, gluten, fragrance, or water—all of which have the potential to weaken the formula and potentially the hair and scalp as well.

Perhaps most unique about this new Beard Growth Conditioner is the fact that it is carefully pH balanced to match the native pH level of the hair and skin at 5.5. Products that are too alkaline will disrupt this natural pH level, opening the gates for dryness, irritation, mild burns, and even infection. By matching the conditioner to the pH level of the skin and hair, the acid mantle (the skin’s natural protective layer) is kept intact, irritation is avoided, and a friendlier environment for healing is created.

Polished Gentleman is very excited about this new Beard Growth Conditioner. Having worked very hard to make it as potent as it is, they are confident in its ability to bring fuller, thicker, healthier beards to men everywhere.

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