“IT’S WRITTEN IN THE SKY”: Emerging contemporary artist Hazem Giballi set to exhibit in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CA – 05 July, 2016 – HNYPT Los Angeles is proud to present the exhibition “Unseen” with new works by Hazem Giballi (b. 1988, Egyptian-American) on July 21st, 2016. Giballi works out of Los Angeles.  

Most of the works by Giballi focus on combining the contradicting aspects of perfection and chance by heavily relying on intuition while mark making.  His work appears aloof yet systematic, and though seemingly sparse, his paintings are carefully thought out and slow in process, with the artist often going through ten studies or more before becoming pleased enough to choose and paint one on a larger, more permanent scale.  This juxtaposition of principles leads to a charming feeling of nakedness and vulnerability.   

His signature free flowing squiggles made with oil stick and paint directly from the tube combined with seemingly random charcoal marks on canvas create personal moments carefully created by means of acceptance and refusal, luring the viewer to questions which elements were planned and which were created by his body’s will, utilizing intuition and chance.  His practice utilizes a primitive set of tools, including oil, oil stick, charcoal and acrylic aerosol to complement his minimalist approach to making art.  

Giballi has gained steady traction in the past year and is now being collected by more than a handful of A-List Hollywood art collectors. In anticipation of “IT’S WRITTEN IN THE SKY”, he has sold half of the works slated to go on display, a promising sign of demand for the emerging artist.  This is Hazem Giballi’s first exhibition at HNYPT LA.

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