Online Community Seeks To Start An Internet Revolution

Help launch a platform that will provide a positive space for all

Chicago, Illinois – July 5, 2016 – Self-proclaimed nerds of the Internet finally have a social media platform tailored to their interests thanks to five high school seniors and programmers from Chicago. The platform, called The Nerd’s Closet, will allow users to create, debate, and celebrate interests in a safe and harassment-free zone. The majority of the site is user driven content, giving users more control of what the social platform represents. Topics can range from Dungeons and Dragons to Pokemon, covering the entire spectrum of nerds continental. 

The Nerd’s Closet will operate similarly to other social media destinations and will feature a blog, forum, and custom media. Users will experience a uniquely positive and safe environment on The Nerd’s Closet, due to the zero tolerance policy for harassment and cyberbullying. Members can report inappropriate behavior using manual methods such as flagging and automated removal, in combination with automated algorithms and staff monitoring, to stay protected from harassment of any kind. Anyone that chooses to engage in such activities will be banished from the site completely. 

“With The Nerd’s Closet, you’ll enter a place where you can feel safe and loved, a place where you can fearlessly speak your mind. The Nerd’s Closet is creating a different kind of internet, where diversity, equality, and tolerance are valued over negativity and bickering. We want to start an internet revolution,” says Katherine Jackson, creator of The Nerd’s Closet. 

The Nerd’s Closet was the collaborative concept of four graduating high school seniors. After joining mainstream social media sites, they were appalled at the level of online harassment present. “We knew online harassment was present, obviously, we didn’t know how bad it was into we really started to get into discussions about the things we loved online,” says Katherine. The final straw was when a close friend was mocked relentlessly in a gaming forum after coming out as gay. “Seeing what he went through in the aftermath the incident was heartbreaking. We knew we had to do something.” 

In order to raise funds to launch and maintain the site for a whole year, The Nerd’s Closet has taken to Indiegogo. This one month campaign, which ends July 13, has over 10 different reward packages from social media mentions to tech gift baskets and other Nerd’s Closet swag. Perks will be delivered by August 2016. 

For additional information about The Nerd’s Closet please visit their website, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter. The more people know about this campaign, the more support the campaign will receive.


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Company Name: The Nerd’s Closet
Contact Person: Katherine Jackson
Phone: (312) 620-3417
Country: United States