Dummy Supports Stand Together Against Trump

Puppet video promotes Cleveland group’s protest at RNC

CLEVELAND, OHIO – 06 July, 2016 – An Internet video featuring Donald J. Tramp, the self-described “real dummy” for president, is promoting protests during the Republican National Convention organized by Stand Together Against Trump (STAT), a Cleveland-based political action committee.

Donald J. Tramp is a ventriloquist’s dummy that bears a striking resemblance to the GOP presumptive nominee — complete with orange quiff, squinty eyes and an outrageous mouth. The ventriloquist is April Brucker, a petite Monroesque actress-comedienne whose YouTube interviews with Mr. Tramp have attracted viewers worldwide.

“Mr. Tramp and I have had a lot of laughs poking fun at Donald Trump,” says Ms. Brucker. “Unfortunately, there’s nothing funny about a candidate who promotes fear, racism, sexism and xenophobia.”

“That’s why I’m supporting STAT and in this video I have asked conservatives, moderates and anyone else that has a sense of urgency to say “No” to a Trump presidency to join us in Cleveland during the RNC to stand together against Trump.

STAT was formed in May 2016 by a group of local physicians and young professionals whose work regularly brings together individuals from diverse races, religions, and genders, which STAT claims are frequently insulted and scapegoated by Donald Trump.

The promotional video posted on STAT’s website and social media also includes Donald J. Tramp’s quips questioning whether “another dummy” is running for president, if xenophobia is a fear of zebras and if Chillicothe is hard for a ventriloquist to say.

“From Edgar Bergen’s Charlie McCarthy to Jeff Dunham’s Walter, ventriloquists’ dummies have always been able to get away with making brazen quips that are politically incorrect,” says Ms. Brucker.

“Now, we have a presidential candidate that makes professional ventriloquists’ dummies look like amateurs,” notes Ms. Brucker.

Ms. Brucker’s television credits include Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, Layover with Anthony Bourdain, My Strange Addiction and The Today Show, plus appearances on BBC, Telemundo, MTV Europe and Dutch National Television. Her Donald J. Tramp online videos have attracted coverage from the Huffington Post to the Clyde Fitch Report and the Icelandic Monitor to Germany’s Handelsblatt.

Ms. Brucker will be in Cleveland July 18-21 during the Republican National Convention to promote and appear at STAT events and protests.

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