Pest control service myths is the droning sound of a swarm of bees bombarding the BBQ fun.

“If a colony is disturbed, the yellow jackets can become very aggressive and sting. Make sure to inspect for yellow jacket nests, before mowing the lawn or using trimmers. For most people, the yellow jacket sting is temporary, but painful. However for alle”
Yellow jackets are aggressive pests that have a sting and bite that are bigger than the swarms’ “buzz” or droning sound. pests that are bright yellow and black can be found in the backyard, attacking BBQ’S,picnics and other outdoor activities.
What’s the real deal are Yellow jackets, bees or what.Many people see the yellow and black markings and label the pests as”bees”.But yellow jackets are actually a type of Wasp.

Are the Yellow Jackets looking for:

The Yellow Jackets are hunting for sweet foods, sweet liquids and meat. In the middle of the season in July and June, yellowjackets are drawn to protein sources. Such as hamburgers on the barbecue grill. Yellowjacket colonies are started by just one queen and can grow to include anywhere from 400 to 5,000 workers later in the season. Which brings the stinging pests into frequent and direct contact with humans. Yellowjackets can be unpredictable and very aggressive. Especially in late summer when the colonies are at the largest. Taking precautions can help avoid being stung. The Yellow jackets do attack humans and this can be deadly if any of the people have allergies and get stung.

Dangers that Yellow Jackets present:

Yellowjackets are very aggressive. More so than other stinging insects such as Hornets, Mud Daubers, Bees and Wasps. Yellowjackets can sting and bite.Since the pests do not lose the stinger, it can sting many times. Yellowjackets don’t play around and vigorously protect the nests. Swarm attacks can and will occur if someone accidentally steps in or hits a nest opening. Thus, mowing lawns can be hazardous during the late summer season.

Facts about these Stinging pests:

Look before taking a drink is an excellent precaution. Because Yellowjackets are very attracted to sweet foods and drinks like sodas and juices. Remember to keep all trash covered and away from where people may be eating. The insects like to nosey around in the garbage for scraps and sweet drinks. Wear heavy clothing. When walking in wooded areas wear heavy clothing.

Lightweight clothing may not be tough enough to give protection from a sting. Remain calm because when individuals go crazy than the yellowjackets get aggressive.

When finding a nest it’s time to call a Pest Control professional. Trying to remove would probably be more dangerous one would think. Crushing or smashing a yellowjacket is not advisable. The Yellow Jackets give off an alarm pheromone that alerts others in the area to attack. Avoid scented perfumes, hairspray, lotions and brightly colored clothes. Yellowjackets are attracted to all of the above. Keep children away from overgrown or wooded areas which are prime nesting sites for yellow jackets. Don’t use gasoline to try to eliminate a yellowjacket nest. It’s dangerous and environmentally unsound.

Someone stung by a yellowjacket:

To remove venom wash the spot with soap and water. Apply cold water, icy cold wet cloth or a paste of meat tenderizer and water. Give the sting victim a pain reliever or antihistamine to reduce swelling Calamine products help to reduce itching.

Have the sting victim lie down. Lower the stung arm or leg below the heart. Do not drink alcohol or take sedatives. If the sting is to the throat or mouth, Seek Medical Attention immediately. Swelling can lead to suffocation.

Allergic Signs of yellow jacket:

Severe swelling in parts of the body distant from the site of the sting. Widespread skin irritation. Constriction in the throat and chest or difficulty breathing Dizziness or fainting. If you experience any of these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.

OK the Drones are still hovering above and the droning sounds of a Yellow Jacket swarm is too much to handle.

AMPM Exterminators for professional services to eliminate the Yellow Jacket invasion.

With Most pest control services, yellow jacket treatment program begins with a thorough inspection and correct identification from your pest control professional. This is important since yellow jackets usually build their nests below ground, but they may also build them in hidden, protected locations above ground. Once the nest is located, The pest control professional can use the most effective control products and methods to help eliminate control the yellow jackets within the nest.

The treatment products used by the pest control professional consist of various insecticide dust and aerosol products that will be used in accordance with the product’s label. The specific products and application methods will generally depend on whether the nest is above or below ground. For below ground nests, the most likely product of choice is an insecticide dust. The dust is applied to the below ground part of the nest and to the nest entrance. Since during the daytime there are numerous yellow jackets that are outside of the nest searching for prey, the nest entrance is left open so any returning nest members will come in contact with the product and die. For aerial nests, usually the use of either a dust or aerosol product is best. For aerial nests, The pest control professional may decide to perform the treatment work after dark when most all of the nest members are within the nest. Once the nest is inactive, it can be removed and destroyed.

Yellow jacket nests constructed in a void or cavity in a building’s interior presents a situation whereby the yellow jackets’ entrance must never be sealed until all of the nest’s yellow jackets are dead. If the entrance is sealed, members of the nest will try to escape the void through the inside of the structure.

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