Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet, Making Outdoor Cycling More Interesting and Safer

Outdoor cycling gets more and more attention nowadays, since it can make boring life energetic and keep fit. People who focus on life quality, become the fans of outdoor cycling. Airwheel C5 can protect the riders and record the exciting moment at the same time.


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Imagine riding in the green road between hills and in the countryside to enjoy the fresh air and natural scenes, many people focusing on the life quality are attracted by this activity. As a result, they become the outdoor cycling riders. Generally, the cycling activity will organize riders to cross hills or some wastelands to challenge themselves. However, with the increasing fans of outdoor cycling, the individual safety becomes an important issue since riding outside may cause some injuries. Protecting equipment like helmet is necessary for outdoor cycling riders. Airwheel C5, the intelligent helmet, is the great equipment for riders.
Airwheel C5
Unlike the general helmet, Airwheel C5 is a custom motorcycle helmet of multi-function such as communication with others, taking photos and videos or recording data. First, on the basis of blue tooth technology, riders can make calls with others since the helmet is able to connect with cell phone through blue tooth.

Airwheel C5

This makes the call more convenient and safer since riders no longer need to hold the cell phone by one hand which may lead to the bicycle out of control.

Airwheel C5

Riders also need the camera to take photo and video to record the exciting and happy memory. For outdoor cycling riders, it is not so convenient to bring a camera and use it to take photos when riding. As a result, the smart helmet is the best choice since a camera is fixed in the middle of the camera which can take photo and video in high quality. Riders can enjoy what they have seen after the ending of riding as the form of photo and video, which is a kind of happy memory.

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Airwheel C5 (with helmet heads up display) is sold well as soon as it came into market since it meet the demands of its potential customers, a helmet for protecting and other intelligent functions at the same time. It can be forecast that in the future, the best motorcycle helmet will be the mainstream among those outdoor cycling riders.

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