New Child Safety Locks 8 Pack with Reusability Strips Product Launched by Totsproof

Pack of 8 Product with Re usable pads Adds Extra Flexibility Says Manufacturer

Child Safety in the home is always a primary concern for new families coming to terms with a toddler for the first time whose inquisitive nature has them examining everything. The Child lock industry provides easy solutions to securing and putting out of reach of toddlers, dangers such as washers and dryers, cabinets containing chemical, medications and cutlery.

In a statement today by child safety product manufacturer Totsproof they announced the launch of a new set of eight slimline child safety locks that provide the ability to re-use the locks at different locations by providing additional fixing strips to allow the locks to be removed and added elsewhere. The high quality straps in a new slimline design are strong, flexible and adjustable. They can be fitted around corners and whilst easily removable by adults provide a strong security lock that young children and toddlers cannot open.

A spokesperson for Totsproof explained, “Safety in the home is always the first priority for any family with a new addition or growing toddler. Child safety locks can be used to secure just about any area from a toddlers reach. The flexibility and adjustability of the high quality straps were a key factor of our new slimline design. Many child locks cannot be undone once in place, whilst our slimline design not only blends into the background, but they also can be opened easily by an adult to provide ‘non- frustrating’ use. The concept was to provide ultimate flexibility for the parents and to provide maximum security without impinging on the family daily lives. Once in place, a five minute process requiring no tools, the child locks are fixed for as long as they are needed. But should you want to move them to a new location or position, we provide additional 3M adhesive pads to allow you to do so. This is something most other child safety lock providers have failed to do and has been a bug bear that our market research has uncovered.”

The Pack of 8 Adjustable Child Safety Locks by Totsproof is available to purchase exclusively on the retail platform. The lock and strap design in all white allows the user to attach the locks without the need for tools and secure cabinets, cupboards, drawers, toilets, fridges, ovens or any other appliance or opening that needs putting out of the reach of a child or toddler. The 8 pack offering also include extra 3M adhesive strips that make the locks re-usable. The child locks can be fitted and removed easily with excess adhesive needing only a hairdryer to remove.

The spokesperson continued, “Our primary concern is always the quality and maximum security benefit that our locks provide. After that we have aimed to provide the flexibility and design to allow the customer to use the locks with the minimum impingement on their own daily needs. We believe that this new design and its re-usability functionality will be of benefit to all parents of small children and toddlers.”

The Totsproof Pack of 8 Adjustable Child Safety Locks is available exclusively on For a limited period during its launch the product may be purchased at a discount to its usual RRP, (Recommended Retail Price).


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