Himesh Bhargo creates a music video along-with Clive Stewart to promote ‘Black Lives Matter’

Himesh Bhargo, a local director from the USA has launched a music video titled, ‘Burning Buildings’ featuring Clive Stewart as the lead singer. The song is an effort to promote social justice and a positive mindset among the people who are hindered by the past few incidents of injustice happening to the African-American community. Both Bhargo and Stewart have the zeal to bring a change to the society and create a positive mindset among the people so that everyone can have equal rights and live together as a community.

The song promotes the black lives matter movement that started in 2013, after the death of African-American teenager Trayvon Martin in a shooting incident by an George Zimmerman. Since then, many movements have started and people have been protesting on the streets to condemn violence towards the Africans in the USA ;however, Bhargo chooses a rather peaceful way to spread the message of social justice with his new music video.

The music video begins with the news of injustice happening to the black community and the victim watching the news. Though the Black Lives matter movement was started with an effort to stop race-based crimes in America, it lacked a proper organization, order, and hierarchy. A number of people also asked that the movement should be changed to ‘All lives matter’.

Himesh Bhargo created this music video with a vision to promote the idea that all lives matter and that people should not be discriminated, merely on the basis of their color or origin. The lyrics describe the plea of the black community in the USA yet without degrading the white community, it promotes the basic idea of human equality and peace. “I heard The Lyrics And Was Like, wow! I instantly wanted to move forward with the idea that exhibits that there is no sense in destroying anything or hurting innocent people to achieve justice”, says Himesh Bhargo, director of the music video.

The song Burning buildings has already grabbed the attention of many and is creating quite a buzz on the social media with more than 25000 views on YouTube so far. The song highlights the violence that ignites when there is any injustice that happens. It promotes the idea that people should have faith in the law and they should not use violence as a weapon to get justice.
Burning buildings is one of those social justice songs which promote the idea of equality and justice in the society as a whole rather than only focusing on one community. The song can be viewed on YouTube.

Full song can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRSGYLRMV5g

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