Spiritcube second funding round $5M

Spiritcube Inc., has announced a new series financing round of $5 million, the company indicates it will use the funds to further develop its 3D limitless platform technology. Proceeds will also be used to intensify research and continue to develop the Spiritcube social media app and provide value, and relevance with each user interaction in an increasingly connected global community.

What started out as a life memorial site has evolved into an emerging technology and software Development Company. Spiritcube has developed a social media high resolution photo sharing app in a unique 3D cube basic construct that is currently available in iOS and android formats. Also on the robust development agenda for the company’s 3D limitless platform technology is a 3D internet Browser and 3D Operating System allowing for seamless one touch navigation and dramatically enhanced capabilities for users to enjoy.

Spiritcube executives have been tight-lipped, saying little in public about the Austin, Texas Company’s plans on the early stage 3D browser and operating system. The firm is developing technology that will eventually incorporate VR allowing users the ability to communicate, file, store and run all media in a seamless compact format. The company has rolled out its first stage app that allows for the use of their 3D photo sharing cube in a basic social media format currently. The company expects to keep pace with innovation and will release version 1.1 (iOS and Android) in the immediate future and similar upgrades over the last quarter of 2016.

Spiritcube Inc. is in the final stages of closing a funding round of an estimated $2 million giving the company a current valuation of $28 million, a substantial increase from the previous year’s valuation of approximately $3 million and making it a valued startup by venture capitalists.

The company’s innovative “game changer” technology underscores the premiums that savvy investors are placing on sought-after, early and growth stage Tech startups in 2016. The latest funding increase raises Spiritcube Inc.’s previous valuation from less than a year ago.  

Media Contact
Company Name: Spirtcubeapp
Contact Person: Sara Marshall
Email: smarshall@spiritcube.com
Address:111 Congress Ave, Suite 400
City: Austin
State: TX
Country: United States
Website: www.spiritcubeapp.com