Joe Blessett’s New Album 678AO11 Hums Exclusive Jazzy Excursion Never heard before

Leading South Florida-based underground artist Joe Blessett has recently launched his latest Album 678AO11 which speaks of an eclectic, elegant and exclusive experience of smooth alternative jazz, soul and R&B.

Orlando, FLA – July 6th, 2016 – Great news for all the jazz lovers looking for something new this time- leading underground artist Joe Blessett has recently launched his latest album 678AO11 that plays an exclusive jazzy tale never heard before, blended with R&B and soul-soothing beats. Nine eclectic tracks make the new album.

Mastered by Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound, NYC, 678AO11 was released on June 7.

“I am excited to announce the launch of my latest Album 678AO11 which will sweep you into a unique smooth alternative jazz experience, unheard of till date. Packed with 9 eclectic tracks, this CD is something really close to my heart as I have ensembled it with everything that defines me, ‘smooth alternative jazz, soul and R&B’. It’s a fascinating rendition to surprise you with a chord-touching jazzy goodness. Hope you love it,” stated the multitalented South-Florida artist who loves experimental recordings.

The album opens up with the title track 678AO11 that speaks of a jazzy journey through rhythmic electronic beats & world instruments. It paints the singular expression of a person’s solitary vision through which the artist expresses a number of things that he quietly observes whilst standing alone in the shadows. It’s also about how he hears it all coming together to be heard by anybody waiting to listen.

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“678AO11 is about finding one’s higher self through a unique musical journey. It will take you to a peaceful sojourn of self-discovery where you will find meaning to your solitary visions as you stand observing them quietly.”

Added to the soul-searching number, Joe’s new album also has tracks highlighting on the social affairs. The 8th track of the album, “Monday Morning” deals with aging in the contemporary changing overpopulated country and the side-kicks on the ongoing corrupted political system.

“The pig that you will see in the video represents the immigrant workers who are getting more while working less. On the other hand, our Hispanic youth is getting less and working more and are increasingly inducted into the criminal system- by the lure of some extra bucks. The track questions the current corrupt political system of the country which is increasing social benefits to pacify the undereducated unemployed sector,” Blessett added in while explaining the track.

The 6th track, Understanding Saturn is about a disturbed mental state in a cold world and the importance of maintaining a disciplined state to effectively deal with the cold affairs around. The track video is shot in a blue light mostly to reflect the cold aura. It’s about silently dealing & concealing one’s true emotional state while dreaming of running free all the time.

“I am hopeful my latest album will make you think about your own observations and experiences and question the unwanted things happening around.”

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