MagneTime Club Magnetic Blocks Building (Rainbow Colors 30pcs Set) Starter Kit Receives Five Star Reviews On Amazon

The new toy that helps to develop and stimulate the brain for young children has quickly become one of the most reviewed new toys on Amazon

MagneTime, who produced a new toy to bring entertainment to young children and help stimulate their mind, have been overwhelmed with the positive feedback they have received. The Magnetic Blocks Building (Rainbow Colors 30pcs Set) Starter Kit was only recently launched on Amazon but has quickly become one of the most reviewed toys on the shopping platform.

The building blocks, which help to inspire young children and bring them hours of fun has been described as an excellent toy that helps develop, coordinate and encourage imaginative play by Sarah, who bought the product. Other reviews on the Magnetic Blocks Building Starter Kit, which is currently priced at $26.95 include a review left by RonBy, who said: “Really great product. My daughter loved it; she just spent the entire weekend playing with it, building “houses” and creating shapes and structures. The pricing is reasonable, and the quality is very good. Highly recommended!”

MagneTime Club understands how important it is to give a child a good start in life, and that was one of the major reasons why they developed the toy. They wanted children to have fun but at the same time to use their imagination and help develop the brain to give them a good start in their educational life. The colourful blocks improve children’s cognition, motor skills, spatial abilities, and divergent thinking.  Not only will every child find the Starter Set fun and entertaining, but it will also enhance the child’s creativity and promote healthy brain development during the most important developmental years of a child’s life.

A spokesman for MagneTime Club said: “We are overwhelmed with the success of our Magnetic Blocks Building Starter Kit on Amazon. With the huge response we have had from parents and child learning experts, we are proud to know that we are helping children to develop while having fun.”

Child development experts have said that children learn when they are playing and enjoying the activity they are undertaking. Research has found that the first five years of a child’s life are fundamentally important. According to child development experts and scientists, this is the time of their life where the foundation is set that shapes their growth, development, and learning achievement. By using toys to stimulate the brain, it can improve a child’s learning potential and help them to succeed more out of life.

For more information about MagneTime or to browse its products, please visit the company’s website at  To order the creative and developmental children’s toy, please visit the product’s The MagneTime Club Magnetic Building Block Starter Set makes an excellent gift for parents or grandparents of young children or providers of home daycare services.

About MagneTime Club Magnetic Building Block

MagneTime Club Magnetic Building Block is a toy that was designed by two parents who wanted to find a toy that would bring inspiration and allow children to play together. It allows children to use their imagination and skills and brings hours of fun.

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