Mass Shootings In Orlando Discussed In Paid Survey on THUMBZZ

ATLANTA, GA – 7/7/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — has a new paid to respond survey on its microjob site entitled “After Mass Shootings in Orlando – Should We Have Better Gun Control in the United States?” The survey asks three questions about how to better prepare to prevent tragedies like those in Orlando where 49 people were killed at Pulse, a popular gay and lesbian nightclub, by Omar Mateen who claimed connection with ISIS during the shooting during several 911 phone calls.

“We need to discuss situations like this so that we can have a gameplan”, says the microjob survey creator Rick Reynolds. “Congress needs to hear our opinions and actually work to make the laws stiffer so that people like the Orlando shooter won’t have access to guns. He was on the terrorist watch list and should not have been able to have access to a high powered assault weapon.”

Reynolds created a free account on, which uses a patent-pending microjob rating system to pay its microjob seekers. It is the only site of its kind to offer monthly subscriptions to their advertisers to hire an unlimited amount of microjob seekers. He will use the account for other surveys as he tries to collect more support from the general public to contact lawmaking officials in Washington.

“You’ve seen how dangerous people are who have it out for our government. Why should innocent people lose their lives because of it? No one on that terrorist list should be able to buy a AR-15 rifle with that much ammunition in our country. Background checks aren’t enough. We need a tighter grip around those on that list.”

Reynolds states that all survey questions will be put together in a petition and sent to Congress who has failed to pass legislation since the June 12th shooting despite a filibuster by House of Representatives Democrats. Reynolds says that all responses on the survey will be paid $1.00 to $2.00 for their participation when they answer the questions after registering for a free account on

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