Hot sensational upcoming rapper/songwriter, Skater Dee, announces the release of first new debut single, Rick James. The new single from the Sk8board Music Group is produced by multiple-award winning executive music producer, Kritical. The single is from the forthcoming album “Sk8board Music” releasing October 11, 2016.

The album was DJ mixed by Dj Alladin who is also multi Award winning and multi-platinum selling Dj. Sk8board Music mirrors the journey of a troubled young man who started skateboarding to escape the harsh reality of living impoverish and struggling in school and society. Skater Dee is the hottest upcoming rapper today to have teamed up with the best producer Kritical on the West Coast.

Kritical, Executive Producer commented, “I want this album to represent the city and reflect the struggle. WE STAY WORKING.”

The new single is available on

Video peek on YouTube

The hit single is available for fans, viewers and listeners for downloads on iTunes, Amazon, and

The upcoming album has 13 Billboard topping hit tracks:

1. Go Apes
2. Run My Fade
3. Twerk Team All-stars
4.  Henny Boo
5. K.i.s.s Keep it Simple Stupid
6. Don’t Play
7. Rick James
8. Indo&Skunk
9. Middle Fingers up
10. Look At Me Now
11. B.a.p.s Bomb A** Poontang
12. California Anthem
13. Go Head

Media Contact
Contact Person: Skater Dee
Phone: (909) 269-3221
City: San Bernardino
State: California
Country: United States