Short film “Nune” explores complex emotional journey on path to love

LOS ANGELES, CA – 7/7/2016 — Bullying has shown its ugly face to all sections of society throughout history, and it is alive and well today, especially among the young. “Nune” (pronounced noon-nay) tells the story of a 15-year-old girl who creates a fantasy world to escape the pain of social rejection and bullying.  It is a short 30 minute film, written and directed by Ji Strangeway of GYATRi Media, and is tailored to the youth coming of age in the twenty-first century and experiencing the changing views of the LGBTQ community. The director says the film was inspired by her love of the fairy tale, “The Ugly Duckling”, which she considers a valuable reminder of the special nature of being “different.”

Brianna Joy Chomer stars as Nune Lusparian, a Mexican-Armenian suffering abuse from a privileged high school clique for being “different.” Jessica Lauren plays Briana Enright, the sensitive and beautiful American cheerleader who goes out on a limb for Nune. Briana’s boyfriend is one of Nune’s chief tormenters, and when rumors spread that Briana might be gay, tensions grow and Briana’s perfect reputation takes some heavy hits. The film focuses on the girls’ developing feelings toward each other – if and how Nune can change and support the one who comes to her aid.

The director said, “The story’s simple, yet incredibly powerful message teaches us to peacefully rise above our darkest nights, not through martyrdom, brute force, or bloodshed; but via self-discovery. Nune Lusparian is the ‘swan’ in my film, who can’t see the beauty within herself until someone who represents society’s ideal mirrors her beauty back to her. It is essential that beauty is used in my film to symbolize the importance of ideals.”

“Nune” is available on Video-On-Demand (VOD) on iTunes for pre-orders and will also be released on Google Play on July 26, 2016. It will be available for streaming/download in 59 territories worldwide – United States, Canada, Europe, South America, and Asia.

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 “Nune” was produced and filmed in Los Angeles, California, by GYATRi Media of Los Angeles.

Distributed by GYATRi Media

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