Rustica Gift & Pottery Brings Mexico’s Artisan-Crafted Pottery to U.S.

Online gallery supports original local design, artisan community’s youth

PORTLAND, OR – 7/7/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Rustica Gift & Pottery, an online artisan gallery representing the finest in Mexico’s Talavera pottery and pewter, features a line of hand-crafted original dinnerware, place settings, home décor and gifts for the connoisseur seeking the sustainable, original and beautiful in home and kitchen collectibles.  The gallery is proud to unveil the extraordinary, family-owned studios it represents:


Rustica Gift & Pottery’s curated Mexican pottery collections feature the work of Corona Talavera Studio and its founder, Cayetano Gaspariano Corona, honored by Mexico as a Grand Maestros del Arte Popular Mexicano.  His studio has earned the prestigious Denominación de Origen de la Talavera, awarded to only nine studios in the world in recognition of quality, use of indigenous materials and classic designs true to its 16th century heritage.

Rustica Gift’s other featured artist is Maria del Carmen Aguilera Salazar, owner of Santa Rosa Mayolica (also referred to as Majolica or Maiolica) and the proud leader of a woman-owned, multi-generation studio.  Her studio focuses exclusively on richly-detailed nature and animal motifs, reflective of a Renaissance-like approach to color and detail.

Both the Corona Talavera and Santa Rosa Mayolica are highly durable, microwave safe and lead-free.  The artisan-crafted pottery is destined to be well-used and much-loved family heirlooms, equally at home for everyday dining, beautiful display or special occasions.

Rustica’s online gallery also showcases the hand-finished line of Mexican pewter from the Salazar family-owned studio of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  A multi-generation studio, the Salazar’s are proud to offer light-weight, durable designs created from a unique pewter and aluminum alloy.  With a focus on contemporary design and functional use, these items are a useful as they are beautiful.


Rustica’s selected studios use only locally-harvested, indigenous clays, hand-processed for purity, and create hand-crafted paints and glazes from locally-sourced minerals.  The painstaking production and hand-painting process can take up to three months to yield a completed piece.  More about the production process can be found here:

The history of Talavera pottery in Mexico dates back to the 16th century, and is a reflection of the global exchange of culture in the country, with the classically beautiful designs and deep, saturated colors of blue, gold, red, and white reflective of influences from Spain, Italy, China and more.  The craft almost vanished in the 1980’s due to the artistry and time required to create these works of art, and Maestro Corona is credited as a key figure in its renaissance.


The Rustica Gift & Pottery’s commitment to helping artisan craft and local children thrive is expressed through its partnership with, a non-profit organization committed to helping the area’s children thrive through safe housing, community, education and work skills.  A portion of proceeds from Rustica Gift & Pottery’s sales goes to support their mission.

Prices begin at $24.95, with most items under $100 and dinnerware place setting less than $200, with free grounds hipping and a one hundred percent guarantee of satisfaction with all products sold.

About Rustica Gift & Pottery

Founded by Pam Abrahamsson in 2014, Rustica Gift & Pottery is a unique online gallery committed to helping limited-production, artisan craft thrive through exposure to consumers seeking beauty in original work.  Our handcrafted pottery dinnerware, home décor, gifts and place settings support cultural craft tradition while delivering functional art for home and table. 

We are also committed to social impact through our supporting partnership of, an artisan’s area youth shelter and community program.  Rustica Gift & Pottery is headquartered in Portland, Oregon.  Visit:

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