Omni Genius launches the next level strategy game on Kickstarter

A family based startup, Omni Genius has launched a unique and advanced level strategy game titled, OMNI TACT on the crowd funding platform Kickstarter. The campaign is started with a goal of raising £5000 with less than 24 days left on the clock. The game is an evolution of the old classic and popular games such as checkers and chess. The two player game can be played on a board containing 161 spaces vs 64 in Chess and with new perspective grids.

Omni Tact is modern warfare & patriotic defense game, designed to bring a fresh perspective to the strategy games and offer the board game lovers something new. The game gives the role of a leader to the player with a defense team under their command. The player will have to use their wits, tactics, and various strategies to place the troops around the map and play 3 simple objective games, or shuffle the mission cards to play 9 daring mission on a global scale.

The game will also include rescuing the team members, transporting supplies during the warfare, defending targets, escorting soldiers to tactical rendezvous points and collection mission bounties among other activities. In simple terms, the game creates the situation of a warfare and the player will have to use the best strategies to tackle that warfare for winning the game. The players will also be rewarded with stars and medals which give them a feeling of patriotism and achievement.

Omni-Tact encourages IQ advancement through the use of tactical defending, maneuvering and thinking ahead. This game helps to develop logic skills, strategic thinking and forward planning, as well as bringing logic, strategy and tactics onto the modern battlefield. Using bold and clean, specially-designed tokens on a fresh & simple, yet sophisticated perspective grid.

About Omni GENEius™

OMNI GENEius™ are creative innovators and solution-finders both at heart and mind. They are passionate about developing younger generations and are dedicated to helping bring out the passion for learning, intelligence and fun that’s in everyone’s genes. OMNI GENEius™ create intelligent and innovative products that assist in advancing IQ levels in both children and adults – and all by way of offering energetic, challenging and ingenious products which optimise learning via play, motivation, and positive affirmations.

Omni Tact is the result of a family startup that has developed this game in an attempt to revive the old age love of strategy games among the gamers. The fundraising campaign has received a steady response by the backers and still there is a long way to go. The startup is ready to sell 3000 sets of Omni Tact which are currently under manufacturing and will be delivered to the backers in October 2016. The success of the campaign will help the company to carry out the operations and manufacturing process successfully.

Apart from Omni Tact, Omni Genius has also been working a few other games since August 2015. They are also planning to launch a few other games after the successful launch of Omni Tact. The game comes in Family and Pro version, both of which are available for an early bird price of £22 through the Kickstarter campaign.



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Company Name: Omni GENEius Limited
Contact Person: Shalin Pinto / Tressy Pinto
Phone: +44 (0) 20-8123-7973
Country: United Kingdom