Leading Business Coach, Dr. Payne, Shows Chiropractors How To Move Their Business Forward

July – U.S – Leading business coach, Dr. Payne announces his continuous mentorship to chiropractors in helping them grow their business. Dr. Jeremy Payne has recorded huge success as many chiropractic doctors have seen their business make a positive change through his coaching.

Using his experience and various business models, he has influenced chiropractors, teaching them strategies to implement in their practice that are profitable for both their practice and personal life.

Chiropractic Doctors are faced with many challenges today more than ever, for those practicing more than ten years, they can see that they make less income these days. Enrollment into the profession is increasing while student debt increases. What does this say about the future of the industry. Can a chiropractic doctor run a successful business and live a fulfilling life?

I started out my career as a broke college student struggling to make a difference as a chiropractor. Though I have gone over this stage, having started a successful practice, grow it into a successful business and influential model, and later sold it to move on to a higher level of purpose: to help other entrepreneurs, business owners, and change-makers, like you, break through to new levels of success, performance, and fulfillment,” says Dr. Jeremy Payne

He says further, “As a high performance coach, I have seen my student’s businesses once stamped as failure, taking an upward turn. This proves the point that most chiropractic only needs a mentor in the industry who is successful to help them become successful. I remain committed to this goal, helping people find success in all areas of life, both in their practice and personal life.”

Dr. Jeremy Payne shows the qualification to help move a business from debt zone into the profit zone. Starting out with less-than-nothing: 97K of debt to creditors and another 450k in student loans, he grew his business  to an average of 1200 patients per month. He uses tools, strategies, and technologies shared with him by his high performance coaches to put others on the winning track.

About Dr. Jeremy

 Dr. Jeremy Payne is a Business owner, serial entrepreneur, former athlete, father, fitness enthusiast, and Certified High Performance Coach.He began his career as a broke college student struggling to make a difference in the world as a chiropractor. Despite starting with nothing, he was able to acquire his own practice and grow it into a successful and influential business model.

As a high performance coach, he works with Chiropractors, CEOs, Managers in many industries, Professional services including mortgage brokers, Insurance agents, and Certified Financial Planners.

Visit his website for more information, www.drjeremypayne.com

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