Local Stockholm Company Helps Local Car Dealers Take A New Approach To Marketing

Stockholm, SE – Digital marketing services provide a myriad of companies an easy and proven way to reach their target audience. The way in which consumers locate and purchase products has changed dramatically over the years, resulting in more people looking online for both products and services, as opposed to visiting local stores. While almost all consumers are still making their vehicle purchases at dealerships, 80% of consumers admitted that they were researching both dealerships and vehicles before making their final decisions on what and where to purchase. Auto360 offers digital marketing services for car dealers in Sweden, helping them to connect with their customers before they’ve even decided on using their specific dealership.

Auto360 is a new digital marketing agency, not unlike many other agencies promoting SEO services around the world. But the big difference between Auto360 and other digital marketing companies is that Auto360 offers their SEO tactics exclusively to car dealers in Sweden. The way that people shop has changed over the years, and that includes purchasing vehicles. Thanks to the internet, consumers can research things like price, reviews from former purchasers, comparing cars, and creating a list of their top needs in a vehicle, all before ever stepping foot on a dealership lot. Because of this shift in the way consumers are purchasing, it is more important than ever for car dealers to be visible online, and provide a friendly and helpful look at the buying process for potential customers.

It isn’t enough for a company to just have a great website, if no one is visiting that site. Digital marketing services like those from Auto360 help car dealerships in Sweden find and reach out to their potential customers. The company offers search engine optimization, Facebook advertising, Adwords, and email marketing to help increase traffic to a dealership’s website and grow their bottom line. While these services can help a dealership to be seen by potential customers, nearly 70% of consumers say that reviews from previous customers play a large part in which dealerships they decide to do business with.

“A website is no longer the end all of internet marketing,” explains David Hallstrom, a spokesman for the company. “In fact, websites are more not like brochures nowadays but more like a marketing tool; they’re handy for letting consumers know what you’re all about and what sets you apart from the competition, but they need to be reworked and utilized more often than they are. The average buyer spends about 20 hours minimum researching both cars and dealerships before making a choice about where they’re going to spend their money. Auto360 helps make sure that local dealerships in Sweden are seen by their potential customers; those actively searching and those just beginning.”

While there are many companies on the internet that are aimed at helping businesses connect with their potential clients through digital marketing, Auto360 provides their digital marketing services to car dealers in Sweden exclusively. The company provides SEO, Adwords, Email Marketing and more in order to help connect car dealerships with their potential customers, many of whom are already searching for specific cars and local dealerships.

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