Integrity Tree Service Optimizes Website for Mobile Users

Jupiter, FL – Our world is an ever evolving place that treasures the implementation of technology in our daily lives. We see this everywhere; from young children to the elderly are using computers and smartphones constantly each day. Need to text your friends? Use a smartphone. Want to look up movie showtimes at the local theater? Use the internet on your smartphone. So because of this technological presence, businesses are quickly modifying their business models to include mobile friendly websites. One such business that has started doing this is Integrity Tree Service in Jupiter, Florida. They have listened to their customers’ needs and taken the steps to be available on multiple technological platforms (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.), with mobile optimization being the latest development.

Integrity Tree Service knows that landscaping and yard upkeep are important aspects to home and business owners. By being clean and organized on the exterior, it shows that there is a pride in looking nice. Not only is the overall look important, but safety plays a role as well. Take all of the hurricanes that have hit the south and east over the last couple of years.  The high winds and water flattens and misplaces trees, possibly hurting people and causing damage to buildings and nature. That’s why there is such a need for companies, like Integrity Tree Service, to provide their services, like tree removal, tree trimming, and even tree planting. And by having a mobile compatible website, their customers can access their services on-the-go and without the use of a laptop or PC.

“We’ve jumped on the mobile friendly bandwagon,” says Tim Kutskos, owner of Integrity Tree Service. “Although we are a fairly new company, staying current and available to our customers can only help our business grow. We love the feedback that we’ve gotten so far about how easy the mobile site is to access and use, and hope that future customers appreciate all of the work myself and my employees have put into it.”

The ability to use a company website like Integrity Tree Service easily with a smartphone or tablet has opened more doors and will get exposure to more customers. Scrolling, finding links, and formatting comes together so much better if a website has mobile optimization, and this company banks on reaching more customers this way. They already have a good reputation in their community in Jupiter, as evidenced by reviews and feedback left on Yelp and Facebook, and they want to capitalize on this.

For more information about Integrity Tree Service, please visit on you computer or smartphone.

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