Site Provides Well-researched Articles on Food, Nutrition and Fat Removal – The Real Thing. is a site built by a team of different people, from different patches of life, to write with passion and provide the best-researched information pieces to targeted readers. contains mainly information on food, nutrition advice and recipes, and fat removal treatments available such as liposuction and more advanced procedures such as Coolsculpting. All the information is based on detailed research and provides facts that help site visitors make informed decisions.

The latest series of articles posted on CatchyScoop relate to Coolsculpting, a more advanced fat removal treatment, which involves the use of a special device that cools down fat cells causing them to die. The procedure is non-invasive and enables patients to have fat removed from desired areas in the body such as arms, bellies, thighs and buttocks. 

Recognising that making a decision on which is the best and most appropriate fat removal treatment is important to readers, the site provides three detailed articles on how much Coolsculpting cost, whether the effects of treatment are permanent and whether Coolsculpting hurts. In answer to those questions, the articles provide readers with clear information on how much treating each area cost and the average price of 2 to 3 treatments, and reassurances that fat cells are killed completely so the results are permanent and the procedure is painless.

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On the flip side, whilst the articles emphasize that Coolsculpting is an effective treatment, they also take care to point out that patients may experience mild inflammation and stinging pain up to two weeks after treatment. The articles also highlight that readers should seek advice from their doctors before treatment, and people who are obese or suffer from conditions such as cryoglobulinemia should avoid Coolsculpting. – The Real Thing is a site that provides researched articles on different topics for the benefits of its readership. So far the site has posted articles on nutrition and fat removal ranging from what types of pizza sauces are the best to the health benefits of frozen yoghurt. The site owners are hoping to expand into different topics in the future.

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