Businesswomen-philanthropist Sheryl Greentree’s New Book Questions Modern Stressful Workplaces

Senior businesswomen and philanthropist Sheryl Greentree’s new book “Every Company Needs a Heart” questions the modern overtly competitive organizational atmosphere in the developed world and also provides solutions to change that for better.

Staffordshire, UK – July 7th, 2016 – Inspired happy workforce anyway defines a successful organization but the contemporary organization environment paints a completely opposite picture with it’s often, macho stressed workplaces. The end result is an unhappy dissatisfied society which can even lead the organizational world on the verge of a crisis. In the light of such a stressed workplace environment, senior businesswomen and philanthropist Sheryl Greentree has recently launched her new book “Every Company Needs a Heart” that provokes questions about the modern overtly competitive organizational atmosphere in the developed world.

Launched in Amazon in both Kindle & Paperback editions on June 20, 2016, Sheryl’s book also provides insightful solutions on changing the pressure-cooker approach of companies – and stresses on taking a hearty outlook where employees can feel happy, valued, empowered and appropriately supported as human beings.

“Imagine a situation where you are no longer tired or stressed but are looking forward to productive and happy work life which can adequately support your social and home life. Just imagine a situation where you freely collaborate with colleagues, managers and peers without any fear of cut-throat competition, favor or sabotage. It sounds utopian right?- and that too especially when you look at our current organizational environment in developed world that speaks of an excessively competitive, macho atmosphere leading to executive stress & burnout at an accelerated pace,” questioned Sheryl while announcing the launch of her new book.

“My new book ‘Every Company Needs a Heart’ extends a simple mirror image of our contemporary stressed management and organizational styles which brings up the very damaging impact such a daunting environment has on people – as well as brand reputation, customers & of course on potential, profit & global neighborhood. The happiness of employees needs to be part of a major risk assessment for every organization.  The book here challenges unjust disparity of powerful & the wealthiest and offers thought-provoking examples, solutions, commission market-research & benefits on why we should change this strenuous approach now & put hearts in every organization.”

A single mom of 2 young adults, Sheryl holds more than 2 decades of experience in the role of a senior manager in business management, sales & marketing positions. She is backed by a great track record in a variety of businesses covering a wide range of industries, ranging from pharma to insurance. 13 years back, following her passion & dream and armed with her great corporate skills, Sheryl founded her international NGO that provides a unique & award-winning model for promoting sustainable health & water programs in Africa. She has been felicitated with the esteemed “Tesco Magazine Charitable Mum of the Year award” back in 2009.

A leading businesswomen & philanthropist, Sheryl is also a qualified Hypnotherapist and NLP specialist & is presently carrying her PhD research in the field of Natural Medicine – with particular focus on mind/body medicine.

It’s her huge experience of performing at board level across the corporate sector, her endeavors & achievements with her NGO & her current Doctorate studies which encouraged her to pen her new book – that holds a mirror to collective unconscious way of life followed at contemporary organizational space in developed world.

To grab your copy of “Every Company Needs a Heart”, please visit Amazon. For paperback version, please visit here.

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