Government Health Programme Boosts Manchester Personal Training Industry

The team at Discovery Learning are expanding their Manchester training academy to meet the rising demand for personal trainer courses in the Greater Manchester area.

An initiative launched by the government and the National Health Service known as the ‘National Diabetes Prevention Programme’ has created an unexpected boost to the personal training industry in the City of Manchester.

The programme, which is being rolled out gradually from March 2016 to late 2020, is designed to prevent up to 100,000 Britons from developing type 2 diabetes and costing the NHS billions of pounds in treatment costs.

Type 2 diabetes is directly liked to obesity and can often be prevented or reversed by losing significant amounts of body weight.

The programme will pay for individuals deemed to be at high risk of developing the disease to have one on one training sessions with qualified personal trainers.

GPs and other local health professionals will have the authority to refer patients for one or two hours of training per week for six months.

News of the programme and the initial referrals that have already been made by GPs have resulted in an increase in the number of personal trainers offering their services to people in UK cities where the national obesity epidemic is most prevalent.

Manchester, in particular, has seen a sharp rise in business for local personal trainers, as well as a rush of people embarking on the training courses to become qualified personal trainers.

We are seeing many aspiring fitness professionals come to the Discovery Learning Manchester training academy and enquire about our Level 4 Master Personal Trainer Diploma courses with their advanced modules in weight management and obesity and diabetes prevention.

The experts are expanding their Manchester venue to be able to accommodate up to twenty trainees on a course at one time.

The number of adults and children who are obese in the area of Manchester has more than doubled over the last twenty years, as it has in many cities of the UK.

The programme is expected to cost the NHS at least £30 million in each of the four years it runs, but if it can prevent tens of thousands of obese and overweight people from developing diabetes, it should save the NHS a far greater amount of money over a period of approximately ten years.

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