Hydration & Health Optimized (H20) Expo Celebrates National Hydration Day

This year’s theme is “Water is a Natural Medication”

Summer is here again, with record temperatures and returned drought conditions to California. This means that Hydration & Health Optimize (H20) will be throwing its annual Hydration and Health Expo  (www.hydrationhealthexpo.com) on July 23, 2016, currently the un-official National Hydration Day. This year’s one-day Expo celebrates and supports the World Health Organization’s call for a “World Hydration Day”.  This one-day event will highlight the World Health Organization’s belief that proper hydration can help the 600 million obese people in the world as well as improve cardiovascular disease, and support the 346 million people impacted by diabetes All diseases where correct eating habits play a very important role and now studies are showing that proper hydration can make a difference as well. Our theme of: Water is a Natural Medication is definitely suitable for all ages.

In addition to booths and presenters that cover both traditional and alternative medical practices, there will be specialized seminars and workshops that will cover multiple aspects of proper hydration’s impact on body, mind and soul

“So much is discussed about the food deserts that exist in our urban environments, but little is addressed about the chronic dehydration that plagues everyone. From young athletes passing out or dying from overheating during work outs, to the elderly and the impact that chronic dehydration has on their mental acuity, and to everyone in between who finds themselves fatigued and with unexplained overall maladies or with major illnesses that the World Health Organization believes that proper hydration can help.” said Noble A. DraKoln the Expo’s founder and director. “My son passed out from heat exhaustion when he was 9 years old and had to be rushed to the hospital. It made me look at how important drinking water is as opposed to the all of the alleged hydration alternatives that simply can’t do what water does for the body.”

After spending the day with a broad spectrum of amazing speakers, Expo attendees will come away with tools and ideas needed to help lead a healthier, more active and more fulfilling life by actively incorporating proper hydration to their lives.

This year’s special keynote presentations will cover the effects of water on the body, mind, and soul. The first keynote speaker of the day will be Vicki Mizel, best-selling author and Alzheimer’s expert. We will also have Dr. Kathy Kangarloo, “Yogi Ma”, a Reiki Master who will discuss the power that water has for and on our souls. Finally, John Nguyen, CNS, an expert on neurological functions and the power that water has on the neuropathy that plagues diabetics.    There will also be three other panel discussions twelve different experts in the medical, fitness, scientific, and alternative medicine fields.

by Started in 2000, the Expo has attracted a dedicated community of followers, including hundreds of attendees, volunteers, local businesses, wellness professionals and healthcare institutions and has quickly become the largest women’s health event in the Hudson Valley.

The Hydration & Health Expo Summer Annual event takes place on Saturday, July 23, 2016 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Rooms 304 ABC, parking in the South Hall Garage. Tickets are FREE for this year’s event. For more information, visit www.hydrationhealthexpo.com


About The Hydration & Health Expo

The Hydration & Health Expo takes places on Saturday, July 23, 2016 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Rooms 304 ABC

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