Oukitel K7000 Set To Be Released In July Could Take On The iPhone

The new Oukitel K7000 smartphone could become the phone that solves the serious battery drainage issue

A new phone is set to hit the market in July, which could become the most exciting smartphone in recent times, even beating the excitement generated by the latest iPhone. The new phone is the Oukitel K7000, which comes with some exciting features and could be the slimmest smartphone on the planet.

The Oukitel K7000 has been described by sources at the China-based smartphone company as one of the slimmest smartphones on the market with some saying it is the slimmest. For too long now consumers have been complaining about the current smartphones lack of originality. Many have complained about the battery life on phones that cost hundreds of dollars, but now, according to sources at Oukitel, a smartphone that will deal with all these issues is soon to hit the market.

With a 4mm chassis, and a 5-inch display with HD resolution, which comes with a cool design with Android 6.0 Marshmallow pre-installed, the new smartphone is set to become the slimmest and stylish phone on the market. The new phone could cause serious embarrassment for better-known companies who have been producing smartphones for many years. Although the new phone is slim in design, it takes nothing away from the battery life and in fact, the designers behind the Oukitel K7000 have given cell phone owners what they have wanted for a long time, a cell phone with a powerful battery.

For those that need an even more powerful battery, the new smartphone comes with a built-in battery case that produces 5,000mAh of juice, taking the smile of many smartphone designers faces. Combining the current battery and the battery case, it gives the Oukitel K7000 a combined 7,000mAh power source.

The designers of the Oukitel K7000 have put the user first, providing a smartphone that is easy to use, has amazing features and comes with 2GB of Ram and 16GB of internal storage. The camera includes a 13MP primary shooter and to make all those cell phone owners who like to take pictures of themselves; it comes with a 5MP selfie module.

The price of the Oukitel K7000 has not been confirmed yet, but according to sources at the company, it will be around $150, causing shockwaves among the competition with how affordable the phone is.

More information on the new smartphone will be published on www.oukitel.com


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