Hometown Occupational Health & Urgent Care Providing BWC Safety Council Educational Seminars

Improving the Productivity and Health of Ohio’s Employed Populations

COLUMBUS, OHIO: July 8th, 2016Hometown Urgent Care, Ohio’s largest occupational health network in the Midwest, has provided Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) safety seminars for employers throughout Ohio. Participants earn the required BWC Safety Council credits for attending.

Dale Bugay, Hometown’s Senior Vice President of Business Development, conceptualized the seminars realizing there is a need to develop an occupational accountable care environment for employees from hire to retire. “What’s unique about our seminars is that it establishes an evolution of integrated services between employers, medical providers and payers. Bridging this gap of communication helps leverage the health of employees while improving productive outcomes.”

Ohio stands at 2.9 injuries per 100 workers, compared to a national average of 3.4 injuries per 100 workers according to the BWC. While this statistic is a clear indication of Ohio’s commitment to workplace safety, Hometown emphasizes the accountable-care relationship of all parties involved from the first report of injury to the employee returning to work in a timely manner. This is the first of its kind to be introduced at safety training seminars.

Overall participant feedback has been extremely positive following the first set of seminars in Youngstown, Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati. “Best seminar I attended in 13 years,” a participant from the City of Youngstown stated. “Enjoyed the information. Great knowledge to take back and implement at the workforce,” another stated from Dayton.

Hometown plans to continue its safety seminars again in the Fall 2016 while continuing to expand its occupational health network in the Midwest.

Hometown Urgent Care and Occupational Health is Ohio’s largest urgent care system, operating urgent care and occupational health centers in Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, North East Ohio and Michigan. Offering full service clinics, it is dedicated to developing occupational health accountable care relationships between providers, employers, and payers to improve the health and productivity of employed populations.

For information on Hometown Urgent Care and Occupational Health, please contact David Leman, Director of Marketing, at (614) 505-7639 or dleman@hometownurgentcare.com. Visit us online at www.HometownUrgentCare.com.

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