C.M. Estopare launches the first book of the series, ‘The world of Sorrel’

Author C.M. Estopare has announced the launch of the book ‘Heartfelt Sounds’ which is the first book of the series ‘The World of Sorrel’. The book is a fantasy story which is based upon the strong bond of female friendships. The protagonist of the story, Naia Belle, is an orphan and apprentice songstress attached for life to her silk-house in the pleasure capital of Sorrel, Felicity. Little did she know that the beautiful city would be dominated by a horrendous war that will leave her without her loving home. She was not prepared or fully trained for the situation and life turns upside down for her as she must live through a brutal nightmare she could have never imagined.

To tackle the situation and save herself from the eyes of the disparaged soldiers, she poses as a boy and gets her recruited into a foreign army. But this was not the end of troubles for her as a multitude of challenges wait ahead. Despite the terrible situation, she doesn’t lose hope and continues to fight through the obstacles. Estopare has projected a strong character that is relatable to many women of today’s world. In the unfortunate times, Naia discovers people who wish to reopen a portal in Sorrel known as heaven’s gate and allow titans to walk the mortal realms once more. Only one power can stop heaven’s gate from being reopened.

She watches her friends and allies fall around her. She has lost everything she loves and is now forced into another challenge where she will have to discover the true power of her voice. She learns to find her true strength and takes charge to stop the necromancers and titans, ultimately saving the world.

Heartfelt Sounds is a delightful ride into the fantasy world, specifically Asian fantasies as it is inspired by the author’s time spent in Japan.

Unlike many fantasy epics, this story is set in beautiful Asiatic settings. The characters are set in a mystical world and their strong, deep and enriching representation will be relatable to many readers, especially the female. The story features a lot of twists and turns which are promised to keep the readers on the edge of their seat. The book is available on Amazon in Kindle format.

About Author

C.M Estopare loves to read fantasy stories herself and the book Heartfelt Sounds is the result of her vivid and wide imagination. She also loves to practice yoga and spend time with her dog, Coco. She has always been a fan of fantasy stories and is excited to have created one. She will soon be launching the next book of the series titled, Mutual Vigilance.

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