Revolutionary QB-GON Grinder Provides Unparalleled Performance Combined with a Stunningly Beautiful Design

The grinder is an essential tool that has remained largely unchanged since its invention, but a young Greek inventor has brought this tool into the 21st century with his new invention, the QB-GON Grinder. This amazing new product will soon be the must-own grinding essential for cannabis users around the world. Unlike conventional grinders which are made from plastic and offer poorly ground cannabis, the QB-GON Grinder uses precision-cut stainless steel grinding surfaces that produce a scissor-like cut to produce consistently, well-ground offerings. This provides a more consistent size that enhances the cannabis user experience.

In addition to a more precise grinding mechanism, the QB-GON Grinder also uses a state-of-the-art modular design which allows you to quickly assemble or disassemble it for cleaning, shearing surface replacement or storage. The QB-GON Grinder has multiple sizes of shearing surfaces which can be reconfigured by flipping the modules, allowing you to instantly use the appropriate cutting size for various types of cannabis. The unique design by Konstantinos Kidz enables you to flip the reversible wooden module frames to create intriguing designs, providing an elegant accent to any social gathering.

Manufactured using premium materials like beech and walnut, as well as stainless steel components, QB-GON Grinder will provide smooth, effortless and precise grinding for years to come. Engineered with an asymmetrical cutting surface, this grinder applies force across a minimal contact area which creates a powerful shearing action with minimal effort. Not only do you require less force to grind materials, but this minimizes the chances of clogging or damage to the grinder.

No two QB-GON Grinders are entirely alike. The beautiful, handmade wooden body is perfectly finished to make the QB-GON Grinder look like a piece of art in your home. Each grinder comes with a 175 micron, removable mesh, as well as a stainless steel tray.

The elegant, stylish QB-GON Grinder promises to be an enormous commercial success, but you can obtain your own, before the public through a limited time Indiegogo campaign. You can reserve your very own QB-GON Grinder at a steeply discounted price. The Indiegogo versions are available in Beech, Walnut or a combination of these two styles. Expect delivery by October 2016.

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