The Creative Cabin, a Log Cabin Retreat for Artists, Will Soon be Built in Hazleton, Pennsylvania

In our modern world full of mobile devices and constant interruptions, finding a place to nurture your creativity can be difficult. It is difficult to find quiet in the city and secluded, woodland retreats are often just as noisy or very expensive to book. However, Eron Romero of Hazleton, PA has just purchased a 9,400 square foot tract on top of Sugar Loaf Mountain, upon which he plans to build a log cabin retreat for artists called the Creative Cabin.

This 1,600-2,500 sq ft cabin will include a kitchen, 2-3 baths, a living area and a patio. Located in the lush forests of the Blue Mountains and only 20 miles from the Poconos, the Creative Cabin promises to afford visitors a quiet, comfortable abode for those who wish to commune with nature, tap into their inner creativity or conduct an intimate gathering. Visitors can take advantage of numerous nearby amenities including a golf course, swimming pool, ski course, water park, and dining establishments.

While the Creative Cabin will be a valuable resource for the artistic community, the costs of building and maintaining it are considerable. In order to raise these funds, Eron Romero has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $395,000. In return for your generous contribution, you will not only be able to reserve a five day period at the Creative Cabin, but you may also get perks like postcards, landscape prints, photo series, a weeklong stay at the Creative Cabin, a month-long stay at the Creative Cabin or an annual pass to reserve the Creative Cabin for a month in perpetuity.

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