Kuester Management Group Offers Tips for Increasing HOA Meeting Attendance

Regular meetings are an integral part of running an HOA and member involvement is key. Kuester shares ideas for boosting attendance.

After a busy day at work, the last thing homeowners want to do is sit through a long, drawn-out HOA meeting. However, by adding more engagement and keeping meetings on track, HOAs can improve attendance rates and involvement. In a new statement to the press, Kuester Management Group reflects on ways that HOAs can attract homeowners to attend meetings.

“A great way to keep homeowners coming back to board meetings is to stay on track,” says Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “Create an agenda and stick to it. Limit time for comments so one person doesn’t hold things up. When homeowners know that meetings are regularly short and to the point, it’s more enticing to attend.”

Another strategy is to provide some incentive. Kuester encourages having light refreshments, holding a raffle, or running a drawing for door prizes. The possibility of winning something such as a gift card or basket can be appealing. Ask around and get local businesses or vendors to donate prizes.

Consider reasons why homeowners are unable to attend. Would it make sense to hold the meeting on a different day or time? In a different location? Gather feedback from homeowners to find a mutually agreeable solution. It’s impossible to accommodate everyone’s schedule, but finding a day and time that works for the majority can help.

“Child care is often another obstacle,” says Kuester. “Parents don’t want to pay for sitter so they can attend a meeting, and they may not want to bring their kids along. Offering free child care to members during the meeting can boost attendance. Have fun activities to keep kids busy and entertained so parents can focus on what’s going on in the community. Parents may even volunteer to take turns each month watching children.”

Don’t forget to aggressively promote meetings as well. Ensure that homeowners have plenty of notice and that flyers or announcements are provided in a way that people will see them. Not everyone checks community boards, so also post on social media, send out an email reminder, put a notice in the newsletter, and update the community calendar on the HOA website. “While the HOA doesn’t want to pester members, they do want to ensure that everyone is informed so that they have the opportunity to get involved and attend any meetings or events,” says Kuester.

If meeting attendance, length, or planning are an issue, consider hiring a property management company such as Kuester. Property managers can help organize and facilitate meetings so that they are more productive and effective. In addition, a skilled property manager can assist with resolving common HOA issues and helping things to run more smoothly.


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