Local Homebuying Company Opens New Offices In Jacksonville

Jacksonville, FL – In some cases, homeowners need to sell their homes fast. But when they run into real estate complications, repairs that need to be made in order to sell the home, or additional costs, most begin to feel as if there’s nowhere to turn. Blonde Girl Homebuyers is a Florida based company specializing in helping local homeowners get out from under the crushing weight of their homes, without all the hard questions and additional fees. Blonde Girl Homebuyers gives residents a fair price for their homes, no matter the condition, helping them to sell their property fast for cash.

Selling a home fast can be a stressful process. Selling a home can be even more stressful for those who have never sold a home before, or those who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments. Although it may not seem possible, there are companies that buy houses for cash, regardless of the situation the homeowners may have found themselves in. Blonde Girl Homebuyers makes the complicated process of selling a home in Jacksonville fast and easy. When it’s all said and done, the homeowner gets to walk away with cash in their pocket, and not a penny poured back into their previous home. Blonde Girl Homebuyers has an unmatched efficiency that has allowed them to purchase hundreds of homes throughout the Jacksonville area, and has even led to an impressive level of customer satisfaction and recommendation. The company maintains a solid reputation as both a local business and an active member of the community, helping those in need by relieving them of the stress of selling their homes fast.

A home can be hard to sell, listed among the other thousands of homes currently on the market in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. The real estate market is brimming with competition, making many homeowners feel pressured into fixing every possible issue with their homes in order to increase the possibility of selling quickly. Blonde Girl Homebuyers prevents local residents from needing to go through all that stress when selling their homes, as they buy directly, allowing homeowners to sell homes without a realtor. The company even works with investors who buy houses to resell, rent, or rehab. Regardless of the condition of a home, or the owner’s personal situation, there are always cash buyers who will be interested in buying, and Blonde Girl Homebuyers helps connect those buyers with Jacksonville homes on the market.

“We were behind on our mortgage payments and desperately looking to sell our home for a more affordable model,” explains Tina Parson, a client with the company. “Our home was in desperate need of some foundation work, but we were afraid that once we began repairs, we would find more problems within the house, given the age. We didn’t have the money to pay for repairs, so we didn’t think that it was possible to sell our home without taking a pretty big loss. Blonde Girl Homebuyers was able to give us a fair quote on our home almost immediately, allowing us to get out from under our previous home and into one that fit our needs better.”

Blonde Girl Homebuyers knows that Florida residents are looking to sell their homes fast, and in most cases can provide a cash offer in 24 hours. Their new location in Jacksonville allow the company to purchase and resell more homes in the area, increasing the amount of help that they provide to struggling local homeowners who are being crushed by the weight of their current homes. The company buys directly, without the use of a realtor, allowing them to purchase and resell homes in any condition at a fair price.

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Company Name: Blonde Girl Homebuyers
Contact Person: Gracie Weis
Email: sellyourplacewithgrace@gmail.com
Phone: 904-712-3300
Address:3948 3rd St S # 134
City: Jacksonville Beach
State: FL
Country: United States
Website: http://blondegirlhomebuyers.com