Zweet Herb Offers their Newest Product named Zero & Very Low Calories Asian Herbal & Fruit Juice at Indiegogo

Zweet Herb offers zero & very low calories Asian Herbal & Fruit Juice. Zweet Herb started their operation in June 2015 and they sell the product in front of their homes and start from one flavor. The feedback of their customers was beyond their expectations. This is one of the reasons why they decided to expand to local supermarkets and stores across Thailand.

The main concept of Zweet Herb is to make fruit and herbal juices from natural ingredients without sugar. In addition to this, they make sure that there are no added flavors, preservatives, color and have lowest calories. Zweet Herb makes fruits juices and herbal drinks since it is very popular among Thai people but all these juices required sweetness so they add lots of sugar as ingredients. Zweet Herb develop fruit juices without adding sugar but still taste refreshing and sweet just like the old ways. They make use of stevia as a natural sweetener since it is 100% from nature. The product is perfect for elderly and kids as well as diabetic patients.

Zweet Herb receives a call from Thai government to exhibit in the biggest Food Fair in Thailand. After five days of exhibition, their booth attracted almost 40 international buyers who want to take their products on board but the problem is the shelf life of their products only lasts for three months and requires refrigeration. Apart from this, they also find hard time to be able to ship their products in different parts of the world. Fortunately, they found a factory that has an effective solution to their problem.

The factory has sterile production and all the solutions that Zweet Herb needs are completely ready for them. They can keep their products for one year without refrigeration. Another problem is the minimum order since they need to produce 10,000 bottles per flavor. Today, Zweet Herb has ten flavors so they need almost $100,000 to invest in the production. For eight months of selling their product, they have parts of this money but they still need more in order to complete their export mission.

If Zweet Herb did not reach their goals, they will use the money to expand their distribution, marketing and sales within Thailand and continue to develop other ranges to sell in the country. They are looking forward that many people will help them in order to meet their business goal. 

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