Zphere Works, a Mexico City company, signs an agreement with Turf Feeding Systems, a Houston based company, to produce 30,000 gal. of BioJet Fuel in the Yucatan

Zphere Works, a Mexico City company, contracted Turf Feeding Systems, a Houston company, to grow 23,000 hectares of Jatropha to produce oil for a proposed Honeywell refinery to produce 30,000,000 gal of BioJet Fuel annually for the airline industry in Mexico and the US.

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – 11 July, 2016 – BioJet Fuel is in great demand worldwide, with every major airline budgeting a program for it.

Mexico has a target of 15% BioJet Fuel use in their aircraft by 2020, which equated to 10.6 million gallons.  Lufthansa Airlines has a 10% BioJet Fuel goal by 2025 and United Airlines has contracted to purchase 15 million gallons in the next three years.

United Airlines Video – https://youtu.be/HIH4Y0kUzjk

Jack Katz, the CEO of Zphere Works, knows there is a worldwide need for BioJet fuel and Biodiesel for trucks and buses in Mexcio City and this project will deliver large qualities of high quality BioJet fuel soon.

His vision has been to grow 23,000 hectares of Jatropha to produce 30 million gallons of BioJet fuel in the Yucatan, while raising the economy of the rural people and diversify the tourist economy of Cancun.  

Katz contracted Michael Chaplinsky, the president of Turf Feeding Systems in Houston Texas, who is an expert in a new sustainable agriculture that solves issues with poor soil and poor water quality to design and manage the agriculture side of the project.

Katz and Chaplinsky realized their common goals for the project and formed a team of agronomists, growers, scientists, geneticists and practitioners from around the world from South Africa to Oregon.

Chaplinsky says that Jatropha is an oil producing plant that has had poor history; however this project will use a special hybrid as a base plant and we will further develop it genetically to create a very efficient plant.  The key to high production of this project is their sustainable program that brings together new highly efficient irrigation (not drip or center pivots), special fertigation, special organics and hormones to get larger crop production and multiple annual fruiting. He adds, the secret of this project is to build the soil and plant health together, to turbo charge the plant and soil.  Few do it at this scale.

The project will have state of the art on site greenhouses for testing and cuttings for propagation, a tissue testing laboratory as well as IR drone surveying of the crops.

This will be the most productive scientific BioFuel crop in the world and Katz is planning to franchise the technology across Latin America were Biofuel can solve fuel shortages.

Mr. Katz is in the pre-contract stage with Honeywell for their UOP refinery with a 30 million gallon capacity.  The refinery will be on site to produce finished BioJet fuel to be trucked less than 100 kilometers to the Cancun International airport the largest in Mexico.

The project start is scheduled within the next 90 days, with the first BioJet fuel production by 2018.

Contact Information

Jack Katz, CEO – Zphere Works, S. de R.L. de C.V., a Mexican Limited Liability Company – Cerrada Manchester 13, floor 3 – Mexico City, 06600. +, jkatz@blacksmithicg.com 


Mr. Jack Katz is the CEO of Zphere Works, S. de R.L. de C.V headquartered in Mexico City.  Mr. Katz has been in the waste to energy business for over 10 years.   His background has been focused on integrating government agencies with solutions in waste and environmental issues. He has brought together teams of designs and implementers to structure and install systems that address municipal waste and water quality.

Mr.Katz has just launched a municipal waste to energy project for Cancun.

Michael Chaplinsky is the President of Turf Feeding Systems a world leading company  in fertigation, headquartered in Houston, Texas.  

Mr. Chaplinsky has developed new technologies integrating – fertigation, new irrigation technologies and special soil treatments to reduce irrigation water up to 50%, reduce fertilizer and chemicals 60% while increasing crop production as much as 50%.

Mr. Chaplinsky works and speaks at many agriculture conferences worldwide.  He is a world expert in Soil Restoration, Water Efficiency and Sodium Issues in water and soil.

See United Airlines Video:

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/HIH4Y0kUzjk

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