Establishment of “International Village” in Lehua City, to Fill Up the Blank of Shijiazhuang Playground

At present, China’s cutting-edge large-scale cultural tourism project established by Lehua Hengye Group – “Lehua City • International Happy Holiday Resort” formally settled down in Gaocheng Area in Shijiazhuang City of China on 30 Jun. This project occupies a land of more than 3,000 Mu, and the total investment is about 15 billion Yuan. It is an experience-based tourism eco-culture industry chain project integrating cultural tourism, recreational resort and entertainment & shopping together.

Its settlement will not only fill up the blank of in-depth experience-based tourism industry in Hebei, but also lead tourism in Hebei to a brand-new direction. Meanwhile, urban functions of Shijiazhuang City can be perfectly improved, and the history that Hebei has no ultra-large theme eco-holiday projects will be finished. Project planning covers multiple commercial activities including Land Park, Hot Spring Park, Ocean Park, Celebration Garden, Animal Paradise, Silk Road Town, Food City, Hotel Cluster, Performance Plaza, Motor Home Camp, and Large-Scale Circus Acrobats Theatre.

As the third project of national strategic layout established by Lehua Hengye Group after “Lehua City” in northwest regions and southwestern regions, it is an experience-based and compound tourism eco-holiday zone integrating cultural tourism, recreational resort and entertainment & shopping together. After Lehua City • International Happy Holiday Resort settled down in Shijiazhuang, regional development like local economic development, urban function construction, and industry transformation and upgrading can be promoted.

In addition, it will help Shijiazhuang develop into an international culture-oriented consumption zone, and enter the top list of international cultural tourism.

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